March 9 election debate in Spain: Zapatero versus Rajoy

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Today concluded the first of two televised debates between Spain’s Socialist (PSOE) José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and opposition Popular Party (PP) head Mariano Rajoy. The first polls that were taken right after the debate show Rodríguez Zapatero beating by an ample margin his PP opponent.

Television station Cuatro gave Rordíguez 45.4% versus 33.4% for Rajoy, while 45.4% of La Sexta viewers believed that the PSOE leader beat the head of the PP, who got 30.1%. Antena 3 was the closest of the three polls, with Rodríguez Zapatero getting 45.4% against 39.3% for Rajoy.

Spain will hold elections on March 9. Different polls taken so far show both parties running neck-and-neck.

In my opinion, Rajoy did a very poorly in the debate since he accused on a number of occasions the PSOE leader of being a liar. He attempted to capitalize against his opponent by using xenophobic scare tactics by telling viewers that Spain was being invaded by foreigners.

Rajoy said recently that all immigrants that come to Spain must sign a contract, where they’ll agree to learn and respect Spanish cultural ways. To be frank, it’s one of the most ridiculous things I’ve heard from a politician who’s supposed to represent a responsible party like the PP.

Rajoy forgets his history when he makes such statements. About a hundred years ago, millions of Spaniards fled Spain to the Americas in search for better lives. Now people from such countries are moving to Spain and Europe in search of better opportunities. Is there anything wrong with that? How forgetful and ungrateful Rajoy is.

Moreover, what is Spanish culture? Why doesn’t he ask the Basques and Catalans to sign such a contract?

Unfortunately, there was little to no new information in the debate that highlighted what both parties plan to do if they win the elections.

If there’s one matter certain about the debate it is that Rajoy did poorly – and with it blew his party’s chances to win the elections.

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