MailOnline: Why there is a cost to curbing immigration?

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Comment: Here is an interesting column by Jonathan Portes that speaks of a rethink by PM David Cameron on immigration curbs. limiting skilled migration from outside of the EU can be costly. According to the government’s own assessment, the cost to the economy could perhaps total  £2-4billion by the end of the Parliament.

He continues: “Immigration benefits the British economy. Skilled immigration is particularly beneficial, but lots of evidence suggest that immigration overall – including that from the new members of the European Union – is good for the economy.”

One of the biggest mistakes that some Finns are making is that they believe that immigration is a threat.  Those who see immigration as unbeneficial to society like to  point out the problems of cultural diversity. They believe that while their society is never perfect, immigration and immigrants should be problem-free members of society.

Immigrants, like so-called natives, are humans and never perfect. Even so, immigration is a power social force that drives economies and societies ahead.

Do you agree?


By Jonathan Portes

(UK Prime Minister) David Cameron said recently: ‘We are taking on the enemies of enterprise. The bureaucrats in government departments who concoct those ridiculous rules and regulations that make life impossible.’ And last month we had a ‘Budget for Growth’.

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