M. Blanc: Why immigrants are afraid to speak out in Finland

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Migrant Tales insight: One of the worst things that one can do is to be intimidated by violence and threats. Such threats have become, unfortunately, a too often occurrence in Finland. Here is a rebuttal by M. Blanc. I raise my hate to him for having the courage and strength to write despite the flack he’s got. 

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M. Blanc*

I wrote an piece about my experiences and stated the reasons why I have decided to leave Finland and how foreigners are treated by great number of Finns. I kept close track of how people reacted to what I wrote on Facebook and all of a sudden hundreds of foreigners were encouraged and agreed with my points and thanking me for speaking out. Of course there were those who started saying that I am the problem and I am lying to manipulate others. Some guy even compared me with Hitler!

I got a lot of messages from people that had been through the same things as I and they thanked me for sharing my experience. Last week, however, I started to get a lot of bullying and hate messages and they are still following me even though I have left Finland for good…

Now I realized why hardly any foreigner is speaking out in public because they are afraid and get so much pressure! I have received a lot of scary messages from Finns including one with a life threatening statement. I deleted all the messages from the people harassing me and soon will delete my account but I have a few screenshots in case I take legal action below.

I just don’t know what has happened to some people… Sometimes I feel life is worthless and there is no more reason to live when people are so ugly to each other like now… At least I wish I had never existed in this world for these people…

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