Little to no trust in the Finnish police profits those who exploit needy migrants

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Migrant Tales gets a steady stream of accounts of exploited asylum seekers by unscrupulous employers. Some of the stories are tragic since they push asylum seekers, who get paid under the table, to do the company’s criminal work.

The last person that such migrants would turn to for help is the police. The police in Finland has shown time after time that it is no friend of the migrant community never mind that of undocumented migrants.

With the help of Prime Minister Juha Sipilä, who heads the most anti-immigration governments in a long time, the police have lost chunks of their credibility with asylum seekers, who are in contact with them when they break them the news at the police station of their second rejection or hold them like common criminals in cells and deport them back to their home countries.

If the police and authorities had credibility with asylum seekers and migrants, a lot of crimes such as human trafficking would come to light. This is an unfortunate situation because the culprits are making money off people who have no rights in this country.

While there is little interest in the Finnish media about how migrants are exploited by greedy employers never mind politicians sticking up for them, Migrant Tales will always stay true to these people exposing those who exploit them.

We will stand by them even if few would care less.