Nelonen: Lipponen: Äärioikeisto asettunut perussuomalaisiin

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Comment: Former Social Democrat Prime Minister Paavo Lepponen threw today a hard blow at what he called “the far-right” Perussuomalaiset MPs in parliament, according to Nelonen Television. 

“It’s pretty clear that the far-right has representatives in parliament,” said Lipponen, adding that these MPs must “be isolated” and not an inch of ground should be given to them.

It is healthy and correct that Lipponen has come out to condemn this group in the PS led by Jussi Halla-aho and others belonging to Suomen Sisu association and who signed the Nuiva manifesto last year.

Migrant Tales has maintained the same concern about the PS as Lipponen. Far-right group in the PS have been responsible for systematically spreading racism, hatred and divisions within Finnish society. Lipponen said that we have seen this type of ideology try unsuccessfully to take root in Finland in the 1930s.

The Finnish Criminal Police (KRP) and Supo have classified Suomen Sisu as a “Nazi-spirited” association.

It is a good matter that a statesman like Lipponen has finally come out and sounded the alarm on these far-right PS MPs.


Entisen pääministerin Paavo Lipposen mukaan perussuomalaisten äärioikeistolaiset on eristettävä, eikä heille saa antaa tuumaakaan periksi. Paavo Lipposen mukaan nykyiseen eduskuntaan on nyt asettunut äärioikeisto.

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Here is an MTV3 video clip of the interview.

    • Enrique

      If you saw a recent interview with Seppo Tiitinen, he said that the “Tiitinen list” had not well-known names. Certainly we must take his comments with a grain of salt but that’s what he said.

      Allan, do you think it is ok for any political party to bash minorities? Isn’t living in a western, democratic and liberal society mean that we live side by side and accept each other? Isn’t that the secret why Finns have not gone at each other’s throats after 1918?

  1. Allan

    Lipponen has himself confessed he was “under manipulations” from the Stasi and KGB and he was pretty much the SKDL- wing of SDP before his 1978 renunciation of “socialism” which made his career go up.

    So if we accept a soviet sycophant why cant he accept nationalists? He even has a Freudenthal-medal and Freudenthal was a nationalist.

    • Enrique

      Allan, I think you are over-stretching it here: Lipponen was a part of the Skdl-wing of the SDP.

      By the way, we are steering away from the issue: Far-right “Nazi-spirited” Suomen Sisu members. The “Nazi-spirited” label has been put by KRP and Supo. It does not bother you in the least that there are these types of people pushing their far-right agenda in paraliament. Nobody is perfect.

  2. Allan

    Stretching? Lipponen was in the left wing of SDP, he made some quite “politically convenient” remarks over the Estonian refugees before getting into the mainstream.

    Suomen Sisu – why should I be bothered? It doesnt bother you at all our media, universities, court system and government is filled with former far-left communists and other quislings of the 70’s?

    – The “Nazi-spirited” label has been put by KRP and Supo

    So where did you get this tidbit of information from? Oh, let me guess, from the unbiased media? Lies repeated over and over again do become truths evidently? How about the facts for a change?

    The Suomen Sisu published editorial stated:

    ” Sisu alkoi tutkia asiaa ja sai lausunnot kaikilta kolmelta taholta (dosentti, KRP ja Supo). Dosentti totesi loukkaantuneena, että hänen sanomisiaan on tulkittu väärin, eikä hän ole kommentoinut Sisua lainkaan, koska ei ole tutkinut sitä. KRP kertoi lausunnossaan arvioineensa vain pk-seudun pikkurikollisryhmiä, eikä lausunut Sisusta mitään. Supon osalta selvitettiin ettei se anna sen suhtaisia arvioita kansalaisjärjestöistä lainkaan. ”

    So: the “Nazi-spirited” label has been put by someone writing an article, and not by KRP (who was talking of biker gangs) nor Supo (who does not give opinions on ngos nor associations) nor even the docent who had been surveying neonazis.

    A little media bias, no?

    • Enrique

      Allan, here is something from JSN link: “Sisäsivulla aihetta laajennettiin uusnatsismin esiintymiseen yleisemmin Suomessa. Asiaa arvioivat uusnatseja tutkinut dosentti sekä Suojelupoliisin ja Keskusrikospoliisin edustajat. Heidän arvioihinsa perustuen jutussa todettiin, että pääkaupunkiseudulla toimii joitakin ”natsihenkisiä” ryhmiä, ja nimeltä mainittiin Lepakkojengi ja Suomen Sisu.”

      Now, the issue is not if Suomen Sisu “is Nazi-spirited” but do you have a problem with Nazi ideology. A lot do. I for one do.

      The issue is what you think of Nazi ideology. Do you condemn it?

  3. Allan

    A lot of people have problems with a lot of ideologies. The problem that you have problems is not my problem. Maybe you would not have so many problems if you would not create them? Do you have a nazi in the closet ready to jump out? I have Lady GaGa under my bed.

    Having problems with ideologies is futile. It is like religious debate. Futile. If we can have an Islamic Party, three Communist parties, why not a National Socialist party? It is after all democracy to allow non-democratic parties. Or maybe the fault of democracy? I worry more of integrity and getting unbiased information if I am to be actually worried about something. Like this Portugal fiasco. The politicians and EU are omitting a lot of facts from the national debates.

    • Enrique

      –A lot of people have problems with a lot of ideologies.

      Nope, just one: anti-EU, anti-immigration and anti-Islam. It’s like adding all these three and what do you get: far-right. It’s not complicated but easy to understand. You cannot make something “normal” about something that is “abnormal.”

      Democracy has certain values and lines that you don’t cross. You know what they are.

  4. Allan

    No you do not get far-right from that. You get sensibility. EU is not normal, immigration to the EU neither ( been to Calais recently?) and if hate speech against jews and gays is normal in your circles I hope they are as far as they can get from you.