Letter from Dana: This is especially for you Enrique Tessieri

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MT Comment: Dana’s letter is humbling to say the least and proves that we have the strength as a community to change matters. The words and opinions we publish can move mountains, or at least those mountains that reside in us. Thank you Dana. 


By Dana


I’m standing up for me…for my spirit… for me in me and for me in air…my words will never die.

It is a stand for a human and humans that are standing for human rights and these words are a present to Enrique Tessieri who stands up with his heart for many people that he never saw.

These words are a tribute to Migrant Tales…Thank you so much for all you’ve done and are doing on MT…

A compliment as well to all the people who visit MT, even for a short while, to make their point. I love you all even if we don’t know each other personally and may live in faraway places.

I was searching and searching and searching

I was looking and looking and looking

I was trying and trying and trying

I wanted to find a human

even one was enough for me

And finally

one day

There was me and my computer

There was me and the net

There was me and GOD

and I found

Migrant Tales on the net

And I found Enrique Tessieri.

I opened up and told him my story of what happened and is happening to me in Finland…

He accepted me and that was good news

He could see me even i had never given him a picture of me and that was great in Finland

I could not believe that i had found a human in Finland

It happened after i finished my case in court with the judge and law in Finland… in that time i could not believe there were any humans living in Finland

BUT wow

I saw them:

Enrique Tessieri


And some other people… it was like a small garden in the middle of a desert.

A garden that has shadows under  its trees, where you can find voices and where u can have a voice… my wings flapped and flapped and flapped and i saw myself with MT… My soul talked and talked and talked and i find myself in that garden with the help of words.

Now i have my own trees on MT and many of them have fruits; my trees won’t dry, won’t die… they will be alive over and over again in air, and everywhere.


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