Let’s play fill in the blanks with far-right Finnish MP Teuvo Hakkarainen

by , under Enrique

Perussuomalaiset (PS) MP Teuvo Hakkarainen attacked immigrants and Muslims in a latest blog entry, where he accuses them of living off social welfare and Muslims of taking over Europe. In order to understand how ludicrous and racist the PS MP’s arguments are, Migrant Tales will play “fill in the blanks.”

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Migrant Tales has “played” fill in the blanks with PS MP James Hirvisaari’s rants.

Hakkarainen is, unfortunately, an example of how some politicians in Finland can get away with anything as long as what they state is racist or prejudiced.

But let’s play fill in the banks with Hakkarainen.

The PS MP claims that immigrants who move to this country live off social welfare and are “increasingly guilty of crimes, which were previously rare, among others, like gang rape.”

Some may believe the latter is true. All immigrants immediately become gang rapists as soon as they cross the border.

How would a white Finn feel and react if a fanatic claimed the following: “Finns are no good alcoholics, increasingly guilty of crimes, which are rare elsewhere, like pedophilia, shooting classmates in cold blood at schools, killing their children and wife before taking their own life.”

While the latter statement isn’t true because it generalizes and reveals extreme prejudice about the Finns, Hakkarainen does the same thing when he blames immigrants and Muslims for everything under the sun.

In another part of the PS MP’s blog entry, he claims that it is every “Muslim’s honor and responsibility to kill and annihilate every religion and Jews, according to the Koran.”  And continues: “The West is being flooded by millions of Muslims in a wooden Trojan horse…”

Citing a story on Turun Sanomat, he claims that there are Muslim extremists concentrated in Turku ready to declare jihad.

If we play fill in the blanks with the latter affirmations, it could look like the following:  “It’s a Christian and atheist’s honor as well as responsibility to control and kill and invade other countries, according to the Bible.” And continues: “The South and East are being flooded by military intervention and multinational companies in a wooden Trojan horse…”

If you want to continue playing fill in the blanks, just substitute words like immigrant, migrant, gay, Muslim, refugee and replace them with the group and/or ethnicity that is doing the victimizing.