Landmark decision in Finland: On September 29, 2013 Sikh busman can wear turban at work

by , under Enrique

Busman Gill Sukhdarshan Singh told Migrant Tales that his employer, Veolia Transport of Vantaa, has agreed to allow him to wear a turban at work from Sunday, September 29. The Southern Finland Regional State Administrative Agency, which ruled in June that a turban ban by the employer was discriminatory, gave the bus company until the end of September to redress the matter.  

Gill Sukhdarshan Singh shaking hands with National Coalition Party Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen. Source: Sukhdarshan Singh

“This is a big victory [for acceptance of cultural diversity] thanks in particular to the [Finnish] media,” he said. “They played an important role.”

Apart from being a landmark case, it is a first step in the right direction to promote acceptance and respect for cultural diversity and tolerance at the workplace.

Sukhdarshan Singh recommended other immigrants to go to the authorities to resolve similar matters disputes if an agreement cannot be reached with the employer. 

“In Finland things are done peacefully,” he said.  “This is important to keep in mind when seeking change.”