Kymen Sanomat: Muslimivastaisuus toi syytteen van Wonterghemille

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Comment:  Migrant Tales reported back in June a blog entry that got Perussuomalaiset (PS) Kotka city councilman Freddy van Wonterghem in hot water. He not only will be charged by the state prosecutor for incitement of racial hatred, but PS head Timo Soini was apparently annoyed as well. 

What did van Wonterghem write on his Uusi Suomi blog?In my opinion the Saudis can do what they please in their country, it’s none of my business,” he wrote. “Maybe one good thing about this is that whenever a Moslem girl is killed then one possible Moslem mother is eliminated.”

Van Wonterghem has played down the role of the Holocaust

Can you take seriously a person who has such a low regard for another human being’s life? Or are some PS politicians fighting to be in the public spotlight by making these types of crude and offensive statements?  

How much self-respect do people like van Wonterghem have for themselves? Are they from another world? Imagine for a moment what would happen to our country if they ran things.

It would be like opening the Gates of Pandemonium.  


Valtakunnansyyttäjänvirasto on määrännyt nostettavaksi syytteen kotkalaista kaupunginvaltuutettua Freddy van Wonterghemia vastaan. Syyte tulee kiihottamisesta kansanryhmää vastaan.

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    • Enrique

      Hi BlandeaUPP, the Nuiva manifesto is a good example of how NOT to integrate immigrants. Most of the views of newcomers in the Nuiva manifesto are based on prejudice and stereotypes; ie it is based on assimilation. Nowhere in the manifesto is an immigrants viewpoint taken into account. Sorry, there is one person who used to be an immigrant and who signed the manifesto: Freddy van Wonterghem, who is being tried for incitement of racial hatred.

  1. Risto

    “How much self-respect do people like van Wonterghem have for themselves? Are they from another world?”

    Freddy at least comes from Belgium, which definitely is another world than Finland 🙂

  2. eyeopener

    Dear Risto.

    Coming from Belgium or any country is not an argument. What is an argument that Mr. van Wonterghem has been involved in right-wing parties in his home country before. As so many (also in the Netherlands -my former home country)!!

    But his really disgusting remarks only shows a small piece of a morbid mind that seeks “brothers in arms”. Obviously he found quite fertile soil in Finland.

    Like I have said in another contribution:

    Constituional rights include:
    Everybody is responsible and accountable for his speech before the law. The Finnish prosecutor doesnot think it necessay to prosecute Mr. van Wonterghem. Who is protecting us from the garbage of Mr. van Wonterghem cs.?? Probably not the State prosecutor.

    You know what: a lot of people in Finland walk with a pack of butter on their heads but are afraid to walk in the sun!! Or: under the white shirt many wear a black one (reference to the German SS)