KU Verkkolehti: Rasistinen äärioikeisto hivuttautuu valtavirtaan

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Comment: Lisa Bjurwald’s book, Euroopan häpeä – Rasistien voittokulku (Art House), is not only encouraging but a constant reminder of the threat that far-right and right-wing populist anti-immigration parties pose on Europe and countries like Finland. 

You can read as well about Bjurwald and the launching of her book Wednesday on Uusi Suomi and Demari. One of the many interesting points she points out is that no far-right party in Europe considers itself politically in the extreme right never mind spreading racist ideology.

There is, however, according to Bjurwald enough evidence to show that the Perussuomalaiset (PS) party is no different from other populist ones like the Sweden Democrats.  The Guardian headlined an interview with PS head Timo Soini as a “far-right Finnish politician.” 

Said Bjurwald on Uusi Suomi: “Timo Toini operates as a typical (like other populist parties in Europe) stating that the Perussuomalaiset (party) does not approve racism. But they do accept it, if not these representatives would have gotten kicked out of the party.”

She adds: “Not even our racists (in Sweden) are this stupid (as the PS).”

The job of condemning the PS’ racism and hostility towards minorities like homosexuals shows that still some of the Finnish media, political parties and the general public don’t take seriously the message of intolerance and hatred coming out of the PS.


Arto Huovinen

Euroopassa on pitkään suhtauduttu aivan liian huolettomasti äärioikeistosta tulevaan uhkaan, sanoo aiheesta kirjan kirjoittanut ruotsalainen toimittaja Lisa Bjurwald.

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