Kouvolan Sanomat: Racism on the rise in the Finnish city of Kouvola

by , under Enrique

A city official that works with immigrants in refugees in the city of Kouvola, located 100km north of Helsinki, claims that racism and social exclusion are on the rise, reports Kourolvan Sanomat. The official, Tuija Värynen, said that complaints by immigrants of more racism and harassment rose clearly in March-April.

Victims of racism can be children and adults, according to Väyrynen.

Migrant Tales got in touch with an immigrant who lives in Kouvola, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

“I was once walking with a black imam and heard people hurl racist comments at us in public,” he said. “I try to avoid going to the market with black people because this attracts attention [and probably trouble]. I’m white. I never go to discos and bars.”

The immigrant from Kouvola said that a group of Somalis were asked to get off the bus by the driver because they spoke too loudly.