Kolari, Finland, asylum reception center: It costs to “live in hell”

by , under Enrique Tessieri

An asylum seeker at the Kolari asylum reception center, located about 80km north of the Arctic Circle, described it as “living in hell.” Migrant Tales has found out that of the small 92.50-euro monthly allowance, the asylum seekers are required to pay for many things.

The Kolari reception center is run by the Red Cross.

Here’s a list of what the asylum reception center charges:

  • Used clothes from 0.50 to 10 euros (see picture below);
  • Playing football at a local gym for 1.5 hours (3 euros/person);
  • Tomato and onion, 0.50 euros apiece;
  • Transport to Rovaniemi to visit the Finnish Immigration Service (10 euros/person).

While some of us may consider these prices a bargain, they’re pretty steep considering that an asylum seeker at Kolari gets 92.50-euro allowance monthly.

Matters have got pretty serious at the camp. Migrant Tales understands that over 100 of the 150 asylum seekers at the camp have signed a petition asking that things must change at the camp and that the manager treats them with respect.

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