Kokoomus and Perussuomalaiset: Two different views on labor immigration

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On Monday, we saw the stances of the radical-right Perussuomalaiset (PS)* and National Coalition Party’s (Kokoomus) views on the role of labor immigration outside the EU. On MTV, PS’ Sakari Puisto faced off with Pia Kauma of Kokoomus, while on A-studio, Leena Meri of the PS debated with Elina Valtonen.

It is depressing to watch the debate about Finland’s need to attract labor migrants from outside the EU. The adjectives used to describe them are insulting: social welfare migrants and low-income migrants who will accept low pay and any work offered.

It is a bad standing point: Why would I want to come to a country that wishes me so much harm and intends to relegate me to second-class and marginal status?

The most surreal debate between the two shows was on MTV.

While there was a difference of opinion on labor migrants between Puisto and Kauma, both favored limiting or excluding newcomers from getting social welfare.

The debate between PS MP Sakari Puisto and Pia Kauma was surreal. Puisto spoke against migrants from outside the EU, and Kauma who is in favor. Both were, however, of the same opinion about the social equality of such migrants. Both would take away their rights, so they can’t use social welfare. Would I move to a country that sees me as a second-class member of society? Source: MTV

When such a suggestion was made, the host didn’t even bother to ask if excluding non-citizens from getting social welfare was unconstitutional, which it is.

Kauma strongly criticized PS leader Riikka Purra’s statements against labor immigration outside the EU.

Kauma, who showed her contempt in 2014 for people of color in her made-up baby carriage scandal, is under the illusion that migrants and minorities in Finland will accept being legally second-class citizens.

She said that a way must be found to exclude foreigners from getting social welfare without breaching the constitution.

Good luck!

In the other talk show, Valtonen socked it to Meri with the following statement: “Sounds hateful against certain groups and, above all, anti-economic growth.”

Kokoomus’ Valtonen and Meri of the PS on A-studio. See the original posting here.

Meri hit back with her usual far-right talking point: “It sounds like a great replacement [of ethnic Finns].”

While the only person that sounded sensible on both talk shows was Valtonen, their points of view created more questions than answers.

None of the MPs on both talk shows gave us a glimpse of what steps they would take to make Finland a more inclusive country for migrants and minorities.

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