Kati van der Hoeven-Lepistö: Peace and harmony

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Kati van der Hoeven-Lepistö

“Isn’t this world magnificent and so incredibly beautiful?” What a wonderful and perfectly balanced planet that can maintain an unimaginable variety of all kinds and sorts of lives. Just think about this, all this has been made with no human intelligence. In fact, the planet gives life a chance to exist.

Following the path of evolution humans have become so intelligent (so arrogant) that, he thinks that he can control the planet itself. Humans seem to have forgotten that they were not who created this world, but that it is this the world that allowed them (us) to exist.

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Scientist want to learn more about life, the planet and the cosmos how it all works from a technical point of view. This is all very interesting, good to know. Knowledge and understanding are valuable things. With all this knowledge, we humans still seem to be unable to live our lives as it is intended.

If there is one thing we should know by now about our planet is that elements are always well balanced, they interact in perfect harmony, and they exist together in a state of peace. Something that we humans find so hard to do.

Like the humans, intelligence grew so did other human qualities. Some are good and some are bad. The better ones are our ability to Understand and Love. The worst ones are Greed and Fear.

Greed is a destructive force that knows no boundaries. It does not value life; it does not care what it destroys. Greed will kill anything in its path, and it will disrupt the balance of life.

Fear is negativity sneaking in and taking control over one’s life and the future. Fear does not permit people to live; sometimes it takes a life itself. Fear will rage war on all that is good and destroy the future.

Greed and Fear do not fit in the natural state of this planet. Greed causes pollution; fear causes war. Together they will destroy and kill our nature and life itself.

For the one who is not greedy and does not fear peace on earth it is an easy thing to accomplish, despite what any negative person would say. It is easy; it is not about rich or poor, black or white.

It is about realizing that we are not living in one territory apart but on one planet together. Our differences are our strength. We would not progress without different ideas.

As humans, we should try to understand the philosophy of the planet as much as we try to understand the technical side of it all. We would live a much better life and provide a much better future to our children if we learn to live in harmony and peace.

We could reach thisharmony if we put our better qualities to good use.

Understanding, we all humans feel as much as we think. Although our lives may look different, in the specifics they are the same. If we put ourselves in the right place, we can understand what another man/woman feels (for example if your child is hungry and you cannot feed him). Understanding is an important key to harmony and peace.

Love is the greatest force of power, and every human feels this. Love is a very good reason for harmony and peace. We all want our children to have the best life they possibly can have. We want them to inherit a planet that is even more magnificent and beautiful that the one we have to know.

If all human beings would have the courage to open their hearts and love as much as they can we would be able to do what may seem impossible. We can make this world a better place. It is not for nothing that they say that love is the fifth element.

The natural state in which all humans should be living in is one of; Love, harmony and peace. In love with not just the people, but also all what surrounds us. In harmony with all animals, plants and trees. In peace with our fellow man.


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    Inane, childish and idiotic. World is continuous fight of survival and moving even slightest bit of your fauna to other part of world is destructive. She should read bit more and dream less.

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