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”Change the world” funny, isn’t it? All this talk about changing the world for the better. This world is not in need of changing; this planet is amazing with the birds and the bees, apple trees, blooming roses, sunrise, sunset and the moon that lights up the night. This planet is one heck of a planet with an incredible nature it can support life in every single corner.

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It even has intelligence and of course, it has us, human beings, each of us beautiful in our way. We are humans with a soul that allows us to love and create, with a spirit to live and be brave, with intelligence to make this world a better place for all. That is what we should be doing, improving the world. We are not here to create a paradise for our children; we are here to lay our brick so they can lay theirs and so on.

There is no doubt about it, life is a wonderful thing, and so are the living.

One of the main things we humans certainly have to improve on is our fear of all what is different. If we can manage doing that, we will take a huge step in improving this planet of ours. Can you imagine that? No discrimination in no way what so ever, no need for stupid fights or wars. No more barriers or borders. Everybody accepting and respecting others for what they are, what they like and what they believe in.

This is easier than what you think, just consider this; cows grace the land and eat grass, you know this and you do not discriminate the cow. Lion wander the prairie in search for a prey, when they find it they kill it and eat it. We do not discriminate the cow nor the lion nor any other animals, why then do we discriminate our fellow men/women for having different ways of doing things?

There is no such thing as a normal person it is only a concept. We all have our different tastes, believes and way of thinking. There are some of us, which even have fetishes that may have never though existed. We can and should feel free to be whom and what we want to be as long as we do not abuse or hurt others while doing it. (Criminals, pedophiles  and abusers, evil men and women, beware I will strike down on you with great vengeance and furious anger if you poison, abuse or destroy my brothers and sisters and you will know my name is Kati when I slam my hammer upon you). My version of Samuel L. Jackson´s cite from the bible in the movie Pulp fiction.

Words like ‘weird’ and ‘strange’ are poisonous; they give a misconception of things that are simply different. They provoke an illogical fear that leads to destruction. We have to be more prudent about using these words. So is the word ‘monster’ when referring to unknown creatures and the word ‘creepy’ for one who is just eccentric.

For thousands of years we humans have been improving our lives by balancing things out trying to reach the right equilibrium. We cannot actually make miracles come true with the snap of a finger, but we can live our life. It is a miracle, as if every moment is divine.


p.s. The concept of changing the world requires that in the end,  everybody would be the same and the only way to get that is to discriminate all that is different, pin them out and annihilating them. How can anyone stand for that?

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