Karjalainen: Lieksassa raju puukkotappelu – somalimiehelle pahimmat vammat

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Comment: Lieksa is a small Finnish town in northern Pohjois-Karjala region where some of its inhabitants are acting as if they’d never seen a foreigner never mind an African in their lives.  According to Joensuu-based daily Karjalainen, a groups of Finns from Lieksa attacked three Somalians with knives.  

The daily does not state how many men attacked the Somalians. 

One of the Somalians was stabbed and treated for his wounds at the Lieksa health center. 

The police believe that the attack has all the signs of a hate crime. 

If one reads the blogs on Uusi Suomi there is some interesting commentary about the attacks. One woman, Reija Hirn, gives her racist version of what happened: “The Somalians were out to rob and rape and Finns prevented it (from happening).”

Hirn’s thread got 70 likes with that thread and later on writes:  “The best thing to do is to kick out the Somalians from Lieksa to Inari (northern Lapland).”

What worries me in Finland is that when these types of hate crimes occur, some Finns appear to get an eerie enjoyment and feeling of satisfaction. In many ways they sound like Perussuomalaiset party MP James Hirvisaari, when he suggested that the mass killings in Norway was partly due to foreigners raping Norwegian women.  


Ainakin kaksi miestä sai vammoja teräaseesta viime yönä kello 4:n aikaan Lieksan keskustassa Siltakadulla. Kahakan osapuolina oli joukko lieksalaisia miehiä ja kolme somalimiestä.

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  1. Foreigner

    This is rather strange to me. I have visited many small towns/ villages in Finland, and the people there have been nothing short of hospitable to me. Of course they are a bit skeptical at first, but after a few days, they start inviting you for coffee etc. It was also very pleasing, all the fuss they would make to greet me, if they saw me walking by etc. I have had nothing but positive experiences in the small towns.

    However, the Finland of 2010, is definitely not the same Finland in 2011. The Finnish racists now feel very emboldened.

    Instead of feeling sympathy for the attacked foreigners, and shame for the actions of her fellow countrymen,the woman interviewed goes on an accusatory rampage. How is she so sure that the Somalians were about to rape and rob Finns? What is even more despicable, is the overwhelming support she received for her rant.

    Hate crimes would not occur if the perpetrators did not get support for their actions.Stop supporting the racists!

    • Enrique

      Hi Foreigner, I agree that racists in Finland have been emboldened by the April election. What is sad, and shameful, is that some Finns approve of this type of hostility against immigrants and refugees. Maybe it is a good thing that they are out in public so we know who they are. Martin Luther King put it in the following words: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

      If the Finland of 2011 is very different from the Finland of 2010, I wonder what the 2012 will be like.

  2. khr

    That article does not specify who attacked, so it’s safest to not assume anything. (If it did before, I can’t know. HS has a habit of changing contents without any note that there have been updates or corrections).

  3. Hannu

    So enrique you tend to lie? Dont, that doesnt help.
    Again, source about that finns attacked.
    It could be that racist somalis attacked.