Judge to decide Sunday whether two Iraqi asylum seekers will be forcibly deported

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KM, the Iraqi asylum seeker that has been detained by the police in Turku, will see a judge today that will decide whether to deport him and his friend, SH, forcibly back to Iraq. 

“I’m ok, I feel fine,” he said with a sure voice over the phone. “I’m going to see the judge soon. I’ll call you back [after I meet with him].”

KM said on Friday that if they force him to return back to Iraq he will take his life.

“I cannot return to Iraq because the problems I have with the militia,” he said.

Some Iraqis that have come to Finland as asylum seekers are surprised and shocked by the country’s hardline policy towards refugees.

Eurostat statistics from the third quarter on positive asylum decisions show that Finland is in the same tough refugee policy league as Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Ireland, UK and Iceland. In the quarter under review, only 21% of asylum applications in Finland got approval versus Sweden that gave 71% of applicants refugee status.

Migrant Tales will continue to report on KM’s and another Iraqi asylum seeker’s case.

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