James and Jussi out of control

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As the municipal elections of October near, Perussuomalaiset (PS) MPs, James Hirvisaari and Jussi Halla-aho, are doing everything possible to bolster the sagging popularity of the right-wing populist party. It’s unclear, however, if they are attempting to stir up support for the Suomen Sisu wing of the party or for the PS.

In their usual style, one of the MPs throws a furious right against decency while the other swings a left at the country’s judicial system. 

Graffiti on a school wall in Mikkeli that reads “white power” in Finnish.

Both MPs, who have built their political careers on victimizing and fueling suspicion of immigrants, are out of control. Even PS chairman Timo Soini appears perplexed. His silence speaks a thousand volumes about the present state of the party.

In the same crude style that Hirvisaari customarily attacks immigrants, he now targets Finland’s political parties. He slammed on Facebook  the National Coalition Party (Kokoomus) for being an elitist party, the Social Democrats for supporting “freeloading multiculturalism,” as well as the  Greens and Left Alliance for being homosexual parties. 

This video clip reveals what Hirvisaari thinks about same-sex marriages, which is just as questionable as his views on cultural diversity.

After the Finnish Supreme Court fined Halla-aho in June for defaming religion and inciting ethnic hatred, the PS MP removed the passages on his blog that got him in trouble but replaced them with links, which permit the reader to read the original text. 

The police has contacted Halla-aho about the links and told him that they should be removed. He told YLE that he would not remove them even if the police and Supreme Court order it.  

Writing about Hirvisaari and Halla-aho reminded me of a story JusticeDemon brought to my attention on the Guardian and which took place this month in England.  

The story shows how some Pakistani men in a sex case made the national headlines, while similar cases involving white men went largely unreported by the national media. 

Just as different immigrant groups in England have been labeled and accused of being pimps luring innocent white English adolescents into prostitution, muggers and looters, Halla-aho, Hirvisaari and others have stigmatized immigrants in the same way. 

A favorite label placed on Muslims and Africans in Finland is that they are “leeches” and “gang rapists.”

Migrant Tales has shown beyond any doubt that rape statistic by Hirvisaari and others are bogus. 

The victim of a rape crime can be a person who has been abused sexually or one that has been accused unjustly of such a crime. The fabricated rape case in Lammi, in which Halla-aho and Hirvisaari used in their blog writings to show that refugees are a menace to our society, is a case in point.

Despite the fact that all rape charges were dropped, Halla-aho and Hirvisaari never apologized for sending a social media lynch mob against the asylum seeker.

Writes the Guardian about a similar case in England:  “By now surely everyone knows the case of the eight men convicted of picking vulnerable underage girls off the streets, then plying them with drink and drugs before having sex with them. A shocking story. But maybe you haven’t heard. Because these sex assaults did not take place in Rochdale, where a similar story led the news for days in May, but in Derby earlier this month.”  

“Fifteen girls aged 13 to 15, many of them in care, were preyed on by the men. And though they were not working as a gang, their methods were similar – often targeting children in care and luring them with, among other things, cuddly toys. But this time, of the eight predators, seven were white, not Asian. And the story made barely a ripple in the national media.”

And concludes: “Make no mistake, the Rochdale crimes were vile, and those convicted deserve every year of their sentences. But where, amid all the commentary, was the evidence that this is a racial issue; that there’s something inherently perverted about Muslim or Asian culture?”

When we accuse whole groups of a certain crime what we do is reveal our most entrenched prejudices.



  1. Jssk

    James can define other parties in any way he likes if hes not infringing any laws. He didnt, so why are you saying he is out of control? Should there be control on what one can think or say?

    “PS MP removed the passages on his blog that got him in trouble but replaced them with links, which permit the reader to read the original text. ”

    I dont see anything wrong with it. Even the KKO decision pages include that text. Not to mention that its also availeble on hundreds of thousands other internet pages.

    “He told YLE that he would not remove them even if the police and Supreme Court order it. ”

    And why could that be? Because he simply doesnt have to. If KKO orders him to do so it would just give birth to another EHRC decision (well, we already have more of those than all nordic countries combined.).

    To be honest, immigrant are way overpresented in rape statistics.

    • JusticeDemon

      In exactly the same way that Finns are way overrepresented in geriatric healthcare costs and have an absolute monopoly of seven-figure economic crime and public fiduciary offences.

      If you are really being “honest”, then your assertion only indicates that you are not competent to assess statistics.

  2. JusticeDemon

    Clearly the main point in relation to Hahaa-lol is that he is a convicted racist criminal, and the latest development merely serves to keep this point firmly in the public eye.

    There is otherwise nothing of novel interest in the antics of this weirdo. The one thing of which defamation victims can always be certain is that legal proceedings will call additional attention to the content of the offending publication. Most people with knowledge of recent UK affairs know that in successfully suing the now defunct News of the World for invasion of privacy, Max Mosley also ensured that certain details of his private life will never be forgotten.

    It is rather too early to say whether the degree of contumacy shown by Hahaa-lol will have any legal consequences. We shall have to wait and see. Saku Timonen offers the following interesting and compelling parallel suggesting that there may yet be further life in this case:

    Joku naulaa ladon seinään ison julisteen, jossa uhkaa ampua naapurinsa viikon kuluttua. Oikeus tuomitsee hänet laittomasta uhkauksesta ja määrää julisteen poistettavaksi. Heti seuraavana päivänä tämä henkilö laittaa samaan paikkaan uuden julisteen. Nyt siinä lukeekin, että tällä paikalla oli vielä eilen juliste, jossa oikeuden päätöksen ja sanomalehtien uutisten mukaan olen uhannut ampua naapurini viikon kuluttua. Hän päätyy uudelleen oikeuteen ja saa rikoksenuusijana ankaramman rangaistuksen.

    This translates roughly as follows:

    Someone nails a big poster to a barn door threatening to shoot his neighbour next week. A court convicts him of making unlawful threats and orders removal of the poster. The very next day the offender puts up a new poster in the same place. Now it says that there was a poster here yesterday on which, according to a decision of the court and newspaper reports, I threatened to shoot my neighbour next week. The offender winds up back in court and gets a more severe sentence as a recidivist.