Is the Danish People’s Party advising the PS on how to become the biggest party in Finland?

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Perussuomalaiset (PS)* Helsinki substitute councilman, Olli Sademies, is creating Islamophobic waves again. Right, he’s the substitute councilman who suggested in the end of May that Africans should be sterilized after having three children. Now he wrote on his Facebook wall a “business idea” to create a pig’s blood spray that would be used against Muslims. 

What should we think about Sademies’ latest outburst? Since his comment about sterilizing Africans wasn’t serious enough for the PS to sack him on the spot, it’s doubtful that he’ll get the boot for his latest racist comment.

Sademies appears to be a good old Finnish redneck who probably couldn’t find Djibouti never mind Somalia on the African map. But there’s one thing his dead sure of: His racist comments about Muslims.

Is Sademies the new James Hirvisaari of the PS? While there are many Hirvisaaris in the party, Sademies is getting as much publicity as the former MP who was sacked from the PS after he took a picture and posted it on Facebook of a friend making a Nazi salute in parliament.

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One of the best comments on Sademies’ Faceook thread is by a Naima M:

Brigitta, Sademies in an expert in these things. He can apparently tell us if garlic helps to repel vampires as well as to scare off Muslims or if only pig’s blood works. At the same time we could ask him if krypton could be of any help.

But where does he get his ideas from? Is it from parties like the Islamophobic Danish People’s Party (DPP) with which the PS is a close but not too public ideological ally?

The Islamophobic DPP does give training to politicians of Geert Wilders’ PVV and to politicians of the Sweden Democrats.

DPP MEP Morten Messerschmidt is a good friend of chairman’s Timo Soini who will come to speak at the PS’ annual congress this summer.

But let’s go back to the question: Why are these types Islamophobic statements happening now and coming from Sademies?

Apart from speaking in code to its voters, assuring them that the party loathes Muslims, it’s clear that the PS was uplifted by the election victory of the DPP that made it into the second-biggest party in the country.

Here’s a warning below  about what kind of a country the xenophobic DPP wants for Denmark. Is this where Finland is heading with the PS?

Näyttökuva 2015-6-19 kello 15.06.34

With a little investigative journalism, the Finnish media could uncover the close relationship that the PS has with the DPP and how it is advising it on becoming Finland’s biggest party.

If this is true, it’s clear why these racist outbursts by politicians like Sademies are taking place and why they are tolerated by Soini and his party. Ever wondered why Soini is near-constantly campaigning and trying to score brownie points with the voters as foreign minister?

Soini is aiming to become prime minister. The only way he can do that is by becoming the biggest party in the next parliamentary elections.

It doesn’t matter if they the PS has to revert to the same lowly Islamophobic mud slinging of the DPP in order for the PS to go for gold.

Thank you Pekko Oksanen for the heads-up on this story!

The Finnish name of the Finns Party is the Perussuomalaiset (PS). The English-language names adopted by the PS, like True Finns or Finns Party, promote in our opinion nativist nationalism and xenophobia. We therefore prefer to use the Finnish name of the party on our postings.


  1. Yossie

    I suppose mudslinging is something you are familiar with. This blog has pretty much devolved to a PS bashing hate site. Most of the entries now days just bash PS instead of talking about real life issues immigrants might have. It would however be all fine if you bothered to keep yourself with facts. Instead your stories are just that, stories.

    What Sademies said might not be appropriate, maybe even islamophobic. But then you devolve into talking about some conspiracies about his comments being linked to DPP’s election results and how they supposedly are advising PS. Not an inch of truth but your prejudice and imagination. If anything, Sademies’ comment is more likely to be linked to the non-sentence of a sentence of those m.u.s.l.i.m g.a.n.g r.a.p.i.s.t.s than some foreign election result.

  2. Medusa

    If Enrique/Migrant Tales did not have imagination and prejudice, I doubt if he would be able to post about racism and xenophobia in Finland (and now right wing bashing) with such consistent regularity. Come on Enrique-‘Bailamos, let the rhythm take you over…..bailamos.’ Give us the next article on racism and xenophobia and PS bashing without any or much facts or empirical evidence.

  3. Medusa

    One more thing before I sign off , but I will be back if Enrique does not give us a daily dose of racism, xenophobia and right wing bashing in Nordic Europe and Finland:

    “Sademies appears to be a good old Finnish redneck who probably couldn’t find Djibouti never mind Somalia on the African map…” Okay Enrique can you and the refugee friends you so support point out Vaasa never mind Helsinki on the Finland map?

  4. Medusa

    Give us each day our daily dose of racism and xenophobia in Finland,
    and forgive us our opinions
    for we ourselves forgive you who is indebted to us.
    And lead us not into temptation to ask you to be quiet on the above issues.

  5. MattiR2106

    Right on…. Islamophobia…. Who do you think did those beach murders in Tunisia, who chopped that guy’s head off in France, who blew up a mosque in Kuwait…. I can guarantee you it wasn’t a crazed Lutheran Finn…. if it were, you’d be shitting all over every Lutheran but because it’s Muslim/Islamists running around the world, gleefully killing the kufar (non-believers)…. A duly elected Finnish politician takes issue with murderous Islamists it’s racism. Jesus H Christ man…. do you have any decency in you??…. What about all those Muslims in Argentina…. oh… not too many there? How come??….. It’s like Somali refugees in Ahvenanmaa ….no Muslim problem there either…. ’cause they don’t want any of them there….. Ahvenanmaa is a racist autonomous jurisdiction under the Finnish flag…