Is it ok to be a closet fascist, Nazi and racist in the PS after the Hirvisaari scandal?

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In an A-studio talk show Monday, Perussuomalaiset (PS) third vice-president, Juho Eerola, was asked what was the underlying message of MP James Hirvisaari’s expulsion to members of the party. The PS MP said that “playing with issues like National Socialism and misanthropy” are unacceptable in the PS.

The person making such a claim, Eerola, wrote in 2010 that he was attracted to fascism and Benito Mussolini’s economic policies.

This is the same PS MP who forgot to mention that his aide, Ulla Pyysalo, was found in the end of 2011 on a list applying for membership in Kansallinen Vastarinta, a neo-Nazi group that openly supports National Socialism.

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Pyysalo was elected last year to the Taipalsaari town council last year and her views of immigrants are in the Hirvisaari league.

On a thread on Facebook last year with TU tennis, Ulla Pyysalo compared immigrants to animals and plants. “Yes, transplanting animals or plants in a new environment has always ended in failure…I heard just recently that hunters are encouraged to kill these raccoon dogs. God dang it how racist and terrible. Eeek help! :D DDDD,” she wrote.

The PS third vice-president admitted that he and those who signed the anti-immigration Nuiva Manifesto haven’t turned their backs on Hirvisaari irrespective of what happened last week.

Eerola tried to correct the A-studio journalist by stating that there isn’t an anti-immigration wing in the PS. He said that all of the candidates that ran for office in the 2011 election supported the party’s immigration policy, which is based on the Nuiva Manifesto.

The Nuiva Manifesto is hostile to immigrants because it seeks one-way integration, loathes cultural diversity, and aims to curtail Muslims and visible immigrants from outside the EU from moving to this country.

If by Eerola’s logic all of the PS MPs gave their backing to the Nuiva Manifesto in 2011, then it means that all of the PS MP belong to the anti-immigration camp or are Nuiva Manifesto supporters.


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