Is full integration and ethnic equality possible in Finland?

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By Enrique Tessieri

What would happen if different ethnic groups switched their roles in society and promoted their history and justification of the domination of other groups? Below is a satirical video clip about that switched view  of white Australia’s ongoing program of racism and oppression of black indigenous people.

Setting satire aside for a moment, is the fear that those who oppress us driven by ignorance or by a stark fact: If people ever woke up and understood how they’ve been exploited and deprived, would that lead to a revolution?

A 1960s black activist from Harlem, Elder Lewis Michaux, raises some serious questions even about our integration program in Finland. He said about the black man’s and woman’s plight in the United States: “Integration will never happen. You will never, as long as you live, integrate into the white man’s system.”


Is Finland’s integration program really serious about raising the immigrant, never mind their children and grandchildren, to the same status as white Finns? When can they remove the “immigrant background label” off and be accepted as Finns on their own ethnic and cultural terms?

Here, I believe, we have to look at expectations versus reality. Expectations are noble but the results are so far dismal. The rise of a populist anti-immigration party in April like the Perussuomalaiset (PS) raises a lot of questions not only about where Finland is heading but how passionate we are about ethnic and minority equality in this country.

If you are an optimist you may believe that Finland’s noble social welfare system and the values that give it its reason for being will promote and encourage even ethnic equality. If you are a pessimist, however, you may believe that the social welfare system is only an effective way of brushing the sticky issue of equal rights under the rug.

In order for this society to take that giant first step towards ethnic and social equality, we must have mutual acceptance. How many politicians use the term acceptance in their daily speech?

Is full integration and ethnic equality possible in Finland?

At this point we are pretty far from that ideal.

    • Enrique

      Allan, I want to make clear that I support the social welfare system and that immigrants have the same rights than Finns in accessing it. As you know, the PS want to fuel social inequality in Finland by denying or watering down immigrant rights like to social welfare.

      What is your definition of multiculturalism. Is it an immigration policy or does it mean cultural diversity?

  1. Allan

    All these “immigrants” you claim supposedly come to work and be Fazer or Finlayson, so what are the brainsurgeon-astronauts then doing on welfare?

  2. Allan

    Multiculturalism: A dysfunctional social theory promoting insular cultures within others. It can appear both as colonialism or living in an “expat bubble” like the Western Compounds in Saudi Arabia or ghettoes like the “zones urbaines sensibles” in France. The common factor is that the host society can or will not uphold the country’s laws or moral codes but the insular societies have their own laws and codes.

  3. Mark


    – “Unfortunately, the welfare system brushes equal responsibilities under the rug.”

    Care to explain to those of us that are not mind readers what you are talking about?

    – “All these “immigrants” you claim supposedly come to work and be Fazer or Finlayson, so what are the brainsurgeon-astronauts then doing on welfare?”

    Come on, Allan. Let’s see some facts about immigrants. For a start, the unemployment rate among Kenyans, Nepalese and Indians in Finland is below that of even Finns. Over a third of Turks in Finland run their own business, compared to just 10% of native Finns. So much for Africans or Muslims having a problem with work.

    The Somali employment rate is low at about 29.9%. The unemployment rate is 43% (2010 figures). However, the employment rate among Somalis who entered Finland in the four years from 1989-1993 is 58%, compared to the Finnish population employment rate of 69.9%. Clearly, the longer they are here, the better their prospects. A time of adjustment, acquiring skills and finding employment is needed.

    – “Multiculturalism: A dysfunctional social theory promoting insular cultures within others.”

    Don’t talk rubbish Allan. Fact is, almost every nation on earth has several distinct ‘cultures’ living side by side, in varying ratios, some differentiated by religion, some by ancestry, some by ethnicity, some by nationhood, some by history etc. Are you telling me that every single country on this planet is dysfunctional? If that is so, you are in no position to demand that Finland somehow buck the trend, especially given that 6% of Finns are Swedish-speaking. Oh, yes, that’s right, PS are not too keen on that, are they!

  4. Allan

    Equal responsibilities, and by this I mean responsibility of yourself and your actions. It is too easy in welfare societies to slack off and become a “victim” whining about racism when its your own ass that needs to be in that chair when you study. And yes, you need to study twice as hard if you didn’t have opportunities to start with. Theres a huge difference between the employment figures in the USA – one main reason is they give you a rod and tell you to fish instead of magic wall providing. There are many examples of immigrants, especially girls, who have embraced the opportunity to study. Then you have those who have embraced “multiculturalism” and tell its “the man” keeping them down. Not saying this trend is painfully evident with the mainstream population as well, but especially pronounced with immigrant teens who dont necessarily grasp their future depends pn the decisions they do. Like getting a citizenship later on in life.

  5. MaryMekko

    Allan, don’t you get it? These immigrants got their asses into the best seats in the public library: Finnish welfare, escaping the hard life, hunger and hard work of life in Kenya, etc. Only if the public library closes will these “asses” start moving to the next big, warm, sweet building, such as one in Sweden or even Russia. Isn’t Russia supposed to believe in social welfare, too? If your ass is nice and round and warm in a tax-paid seat in Finland, why should you move it? Go to USA and work like a fool? Now, really, these ain’t dumbasses.

  6. Mark


    You realise that immigrants are amongst the poorest families in Finland. You also realise that a great many of them work. And what do you have to say about the other 400,000 Finnish unemployed in Finland. I guess these are all lazy too. But why go after the immigrant unemployed if the Finnish unemployed outnumber them by a factor of more than 10 to 1?

    By the way, the employment rate among Kenyans in Finland is higher than that of native Finns, you ignorant fuck!

  7. Mark

    Just for the record, the unemployment rate for all Finns is 8.7%, while for Kenyans in Finland, it is 4%.

    And actually, as unemployment in Kenya is at 40%, many cannot find work. But I imagine you thought they were all working in subsistence farming, eh?. And another point, recent increases in hunger in Kenya are directly linked to growing food prices, which in turn have been affected by increases in the farming of cash crops for biofuels to meet demand in the Western markets. So that is not exactly down to Kenyans themselves. That and a drought!

    Anyhow, from what I remember you sit on your arse all day driving a bus, so who are you to talk! 😉

  8. Allan

    Well that is exactly why you can see if a person has a valid reason to immigrate as per the legislation, has skills and is not entitled to the magic wall… oh dear, they won’t be unemployed. Stop the press! Revelation!

    • Enrique

      Allan, that’s a pretty low punch and it takes a lot of credibility out of your argument. You are the one who came to Migrant Tales to test your views. As you’ve noticed, we don’t follow the Hommaforum line where we all agree and give thin arguments. One of these is your use of the term “multicultural.”

  9. BlandaUpp

    Mary Mekko, the racist “Irish American” who doesn’t live here but is somehow obsessed with Finland.

    I have given these facts before but you continue to ignore it in order to push your narrow racist agenda.

    Are you aware that the “Black” Kenyans, Nigerians, Ethiopians and Ghanaian immigrants (note: not refugees but immigrants) in Finland are on average more educated and have less unemployment here than “White” Americans, Norwegians, Swedes, British, Italians, Poles, Russians, Lithuanians and Bulgarian immigrants? It would be best for you to once again stfu about things you have no knowledge of.

  10. Allan

    Educated? I think printing your own certificates is overrated. Do they also have medicine against witchcraft that makes your certificate shrink, or was it your penis…

  11. Allan

    “What would happen if different ethnic groups switched their roles in society and promoted their history and justification of the domination of other groups?”

    Hey thats a novel idea. What would happen if for example the roma minority would get an education, find jobs, and stop having bloodfeuds and stuffing 14 packets of coffee under their skirts at the ABC? What would happen? Here, I believe, we have to look at expectations versus reality. Expectations are noble but the results are so far dismal.

  12. eyeopener


    Your mental junk-yard is well known. Your lack of penis also. Your ass production is more than known. Why don’t you and your American sheep go somewhere else, discuss with your Combat friends or KKK friends what to do next summer on a camp-fire meeting of think-alikes.

    Don’t mix with people who have a different and higher notion of humanity. Beyond your league and intellectualism.

    Intellectualism?? Have to look up this word, isn’t it Allan and MM.

    A friendly request to stay out of this discourse or -whenever possible- accept the “normal rules of the game” of dialogue. Only then I will withdraw my “aggressive style” of communication with you.

  13. justicedemon


    …printing your own certificates…

    Either you are talking about Esa Antero Laiho or your racism is showing again.

    Why do you even bother to enter this battle of wits when you are only half prepared?

  14. justicedemon


    Please explain how that case relates to the very low unemployment rates of Kenyan, Nigerian, Ethiopian and Ghanaian immigrants in Finland.

    Should I assume that the Finnish doctors at my local health centre are unqualified?

  15. MaryMekko

    Mark, I believe that being a tourdirector is a real job, but perhaps in Finland, it’s not. Funny how in demand I am, considering that you say I am “an ignorant fuck”. Sometimes I wish I could be as idle as say, Enrique the Journalist. I had been a journalist, found it awful, and decided to put my knowledge into a bigger pool, mainly international tourism in SF.

    So the unemployment rate of Kenyans in Finland is 4%? Does it include the wives as well? Isn’t it so, that one is not counted as “unemployed” if one doesn’t collect welfare? Finnish men and women who have worked and lost their jobs are more likely to qualify for unemployment, hence the rate would be higher for them, while for a Kenyan woman who never worked, she would not qualify, or would she?