Is Finland’s interior minister promoting a country built on equal treatment and equal opportunity?

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Päivi Räsänen is in charge of the interior ministry that makes the following mission statement on its website: “Finland will be the safest country in Europe – a country built on equal treatment and equal opportunity.”

Fine, agreed.

How does Räsänen further the equal treatment of immigrants, gays and visible minorities when she speaks so lowly of them.

Her exclusive statements reveal her fondness for the 1950s or many decades before that. Back then, Christian values were in vogue: You were an outcast if you were gay; racism was part of Finnish life and never questioned; Romanies were all crooks; women served men; and the only real Finn was a white Finn.

The Christian Democrat politician is the cordial mask of intolerance that wears a suit and tie. It is a deception, however. Behind those cordial words is a lifetime of social exclusion without a drop of empathy for anyone who doesn’t fit the interior minister’s narrow Christian world.

Räsänen has come under fire for a number of reasons, from claiming that homosexuality is an illness to suggesting that people have the right to oppose laws that are against the Bible.

She is the antithesis of the modern Nordic democratic state. She has no empathy for immigrants, pregnant mothers who have been raped, gays and other minorities.

In my opinion, the interior ministry’s mission statement actually says the following: “Finland will be the safest country in Europe for white Finns – a country built on equal treatment and equal opportunity for white Christian Finns.”

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