Is Finland on the path of becoming an isolationist, nationalistic and xenophobic country?

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Finland hasn’t been itself for a number of years, especially after a populist Euro-skeptic and anti-immigration party, the Perussuomalaiset (PS)*, rose to the political major leagues in the 2011 elections

Sadly Finland appears today lost politically. it is like a blind person using as its seeing-eye dog nationalism and xenophobia. It has become a country that has not only lost its self-confidence but in some cases fears its own shadow.

That shadow that it fears is in the form of the worst populism, nationalism and xenophobia. Challenging those three social ills is difficult for some Finns because what they are seeing is themselves in the mirror.

I am especially saddened by the present state of Finland. I am disappointed because I know this country has overcome great adversity and can do better. Blaming others and scapegoating is the way cowards do things.

Finland isn’t a country of the masses but of individuals who can make all the difference.



The roots of Finnish xenophobia can be found in the media. This billboard from tabloid Ilta-Sanomat states that the Somalis aren’t leaving but staying in Finland. Source: Migration Institute.

Don’t believe all the nationalistic mumbo jumbo of politicians about how we are in good hands with them and that we have nothing to worry about our national security. Our national security hinges on preventing people fleeing war from moving here, according to them.

No, don’t believe them because it’s nothing more than potent cocktail mixed with bravado and xenophobia that they are offering as relief.

Since we don’t have a clear idea where we’re heading in the future some prefer to look behind their shoulders and romanticize nostalgically about the days when we gave the Red Army a black eye in the Winter War and how we became a prosperous nation after we got two black eyes from the USSR in the Continuation War.

Two matters are bewildering us: our successful geopolitical near-isolation during the cold war (1945-1991) and how we during that same period killed our cultural and ethnic diversity by making our country a not too friendly place for immigrants and foreign investment.

One party that is nostalgic for those cold war days of the past is the PS. And why shouldn’t they be? The only European economic association we belonged to back then was EFTA, which we weren’t even a full member. Press censorship was rife too. Despite everything Finland was white and there weren’t any refugees knocking at our doors either.

Finland was back then ruled by strong charismatic leaders like Urho Kekkonen.

What does Timo Soini as foreign minister and his party want to accomplish?

His mandate and presence will certainly scare away skilled migrants and foreign investment from Finland. Even in good times, when there was less xenophobia in the air, Finland wasn’t a popular destination for migrants.

Why would I want to move to a country like Finland that sees foreigners as a problem and where these newcomers are near-constantly reminded that they aren’t from here? Doesn’t make sense, right?

Finland’s politicians are playing with fire when they are silent about the PS’ far right and neo-Nazi problem.

Helsinki substitute councilman Olli Sademies wrote last month that he wants African men living in Finland to be forcibly sterilized after their third child.

If that comment didn’t make you think twice about the type of a country you’re living in, PS MP Olli Immonen posed Wednesday with a group of neo-Nazis in front of national hero Eugen Schauman’s grave. 

Swedish People’s Party MP Eva Biaudet, who spoke to Migrant Tales this week and whose interview will appear on this blog shorty, believed that our ever-growing culturally diverse society could offer two scenarios: It could bring us closer to the Nordic countries and Europe or force us to turn our backs on these two regions.

Finland is in real danger of becoming a country that fuels its worldview with isolationism, nationalism and xenophobia.

If we don’t act this is the kind of country will be giving our children and grandchildren.

The Finnish name of the Finns Party is the Perussuomalaiset (PS). The English-language names adopted by the PS, like True Finns or Finns Party, promote in our opinion nativist nationalism and xenophobia. We therefore prefer to use the Finnish name of the party on our postings.

  1. MattiR2106

    Regardless, the PS MPs were duly elected in a fully democratic exercise by the people of Finland and that is the government for the next foreseeable 4 years…. deal with it. You didn’t answer your own question….. why did you / why do you stay in a country that is so overtly anti-foreigner as you claim….?? You put the question out there….. to imply that your motives are altruistic…. Bullshit… What are the immigration statistics of Argentina (for instance???)… How many Muslims or Africans are beating a trail to that stalwart of democracy in the southern hemisphere…. That part of the world hid lots of Germans after WWII and their generations have morphed into the leadership (all of whom have shed their NAZI thoughts…. surely???)….of the countries in that part of the world…. If the author of this website could connect (even generational) real NAZI background to any sitting MP of the PS party….. I wonder where the narrative would be…. Just thinking out loud!!!…..But, of course, the author of this website is duly qualified to shit on the hosts of his new country….. because, well, we Finns just are not/not living up to his lofty expectations…. all learned in the Americas of the South….

  2. Medusa

    Okay you brought out the following three points:
    Isolationist= What do you want mate? For everybody in every war torn, disrupted-in-various-ways countries to move to Europe? Basically you are suggesting that everybody from these countries move to Europe bag and baggage without any preliminaries whatsoever! Why? Because they are suffering that is why! If they are all suffering, then a solution should be sought for all and not just the ones with money and health, who have the resources to move to Europe or America.
    Nationalistic= I guess because small countries in Europe have to maintain a strong identity. Nothing wrong in that.
    Xenophobic= I disagree. Throw all the trash ‘economic opportunistic refugees’ this way, and have them try and implement their ways on a host country, and then not have the hosts defend themselves in whatsoever manner… what the hell are you writing about man?

  3. MattiR2106

    Medusa…. You need to find better meds… What am I writing about? Certainly will not repeat… that would be redundant…. but you need to find another dealer…. that shit you’re getting from your present dude is not working for you….

    • Medusa

      And Matti go get another Koff or something or shove it up your backside. Anything that calms you down. Because I don’t think all the alcohol works for you and has left you brain dead. Certainly I won’t repeat this either. Go get lost.

    • Medusa

      Not that I necessarily care to clear this up, but still it would help you to know that I was addressing the author of the article when I wrote-“What the hell are you writing about man?” That is why my reply was based on the 3 keywords of the headline of the article- Isolationist, nationalistic, and xenophobic.

      You took this as a slight to you and asked me to change my drug dealer! Wow! Come to think of it, I know of a good one in case you need to add something extra to your alcohol intake. You look like you might need it. And mate this guy’s shit works! Over and out.

  4. Medusa

    Matti, the shit that I have been putting inside me according to you is certainly better than the shit that you have been putting inside of you. Smelly jerk!

  5. MattiR2106

    Itähelsinkiläinen imaami: Fatwa juhannnusta vastaan
    Itähelsinkiläinen imaami Abdallah-Mahmoud Fazul al Hatami on langettanut fatwan juhannusta vastaan. Al Hatamin mukaan pakannallista alkuperää oleva keskikesän juhla on haram, loukkaa kaikkia oikeaoppisia muslimeja ja on jyrkästi islamin vastainen. 1990 -luvulla suomalaista kulttuuria rikastuttamaan saapunut itäisimmän Afrikan monitaito-osaajan (mm. vuohipaimen, merirosvo, imaami, fattapummi, kukkahattutätien työllistäjä jne.) mukaan kokot kuvastavat sitä kiirastulta joka on oleva vääräuskoisten kohtalo ja juhannussalot tulisi allahin tahdosta koristaa vääräuskoisten ja shia-muslimien päillä.

    Talk about ingratitude to the country that took you in and gave you refuge and safety….. Thank you… Imam Al-Hatami….
    You and your ilk, Medusa, support this??…. Maybe a few of your cultural celebrations should be declared ‘pagan’…. see how you like it??….