Iraqi asylum seeker SH continues to be detained since January 6

by , under Enrique Tessieri

SH, the Iraqi asylum seeker who was detained by the police service on January 6 with KM and sent to the Metsälä detention center in Helsinki, is hopeful that he’ll be released next week. 

“A court said that there was no reason to keep me detained here,” he said over the phone. “It’s now up to Migri [the Finnish Immigration Service] to decide to release me.”

SH was employed at a bakery in Turku, which was very happy with his work.

It is incredible that a country like Finland, which claims to uphold human rights and Nordic values such a social equality, detains asylum seekers for over two weeks.

SH said that all he does at the detention center is to “go to the balcony to smoke” and “think about his situation.”

He said that he can sleep even if he feels sad and worried about his situation.

We hope that SH will be released from detention as soon as possible.