UPDATED (7:32 am): Iraqi asylum seeker MS’ deportation from Oulu Airport in Finland postponed due to diorderly behavior

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UPDATED (7:35 am): Iraqi asylum seeker MS’ deportation from Oulu Airport in Finland to Iraq was postponed Tuesday because he wasn’t permitted to board the plane by the pilot in command due to his disorderly behavior.

A reader sent us the following information about what social media sites wrote about what happened Tuesday. Here is an edited version of the message to Migrant Tales:

MS wasn’t allowed to board the flight. He shouted and struggled [with the police] and was refused entry on the plane by the captain. His hands and legs were tied and placed him on the ground with his stomach pressed on the ground. They [police] took him back to a cell in Oulu and he was then transferred to the Metsälä detention center in Helsinki. He is now in Metsälä. This person is really brave and I hope he’ll be freed soon. It’s so sad to see how they treat him like a criminal. 

We wrote earlier Tuesday:     

Migrant Tales has access to a video published in the Facebook group called Suomi ja Pakolaiset where MS is awaiting deportation inside a police van at Oulu Airport in northern Finland. MS was detained by the police on Friday. 

MS states in a video at the airport that some Iraqis have wrongly accused him of committing a crime. Whenever an Iraqi is going to be deported, its customary that some Iraqis wrongly believe that the person is being deported because he committed a crime.

In this case, MS has not committed any crime, according to him.

He said that while he was speaking inside the police van at the airport, there was a camera recording him and spraying some substance [possibly a sedative] to calm him down. “And it smells bad,” he added. MS asks why he’s being deported even if there is no deportation order. “Let’s see what will happen,” he said. “I’ll be in Baghdad soon.”

From a video that was taken by MS today inside a police van at Oulu Airport.
MS inside the police van talking about his last moments before being deported to Iraq.

MS published a video recording while in detention over the weekend:

“My name is MS and I have been living in Oulu for a year and a few months. I got the second rejection on my application for asylum. Two weeks ago I contacted the lawyer who lodged an appeal [to the supreme administrative court on the district court decision]. Yesterday [Friday] the police came and asked me to pack all my clothes and took me to a prison cell. I called the lawyer who asked me to please wait till Sunday when a judge will make a decision on whether I will be deported to Iraq or not.”


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