Iraqi asylum seeker hunger strike: Video of Namir al-Azzawi

by , under Zimema Mhone

The video below is of Namir al-Azzawi, an Iraqi asylum seeker who began a hunger strike on Sunday, was made before he fainted and was sent to the hospital on Wednesday.

Today he resumed his hunger strike and we asked him if he was going to continue.

His response was adamant:

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Al-Assawi wrote on Sunday:

Dear People of Finland,

I started my hunger strike on Sunday in protest of the unfair decision by the Immigration Authorities (Migri), which claim that countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia are safe to return asylum seekers. Many of us Iraqis were disappointed by the decision taking into account that we fled that country because it wasn’t and still isn’t safe. I will not stop my hunger strike until the Immigration Authorities change their decision.