Iraqi asylum seeker hunger strike: Namir al-Azawin taken to intensive care

by , under Enrique Tessieri, Zimema Mhone

We are saddened to inform the following news about Namir al-Azzawin, who has been on a hunger strike for three days. 

Writes Zimema Mhone: “I just got word that Namir fainted and was taken to intensive care.”

Al-Azzawin wrote a letter on Sunday addressed to the people of Finland:

Dear People of Finland,

I started my hunger strike on Sunday in protest of the unfair decision by the Immigration Authorities (Migri), which claim that countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia are safe to return asylum seekers. Many of us Iraqis were disappointed by the decision taking into account that we fled that country because it wasn’t and still isn’t safe. I will not stop my hunger strike until the Immigration Authorities change their decision.

We hope the best for him and a speedy recovery to this brave man.

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Namir al-Azzawin.