Iraqi asylum seeker FS: Deportation countdown begins

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The police service in Seinjäjoki, a city located 30km from the Finnish Emigrant Museum of Peräseinäjoki, told a young Iraqi asylum seeker “FS”* on Monday of his third rejections for asylum by the supreme district court and has two choices: To return “voluntarily” or “by force” to Iraq.

“They [police] said I have to leave in a week,” the young man’s voice, clearly distressed, said by phone speaking excellent English.

Migrant Tales got the following email from  on Tuesday:

          Email sent to Migrant Tales Tuesday by FS.
Who is this young man?

He arrived to Finland in October 2015 and got his third rejections from the supreme district court on Monday.

FS has no passport and there is no repatriation agreement between Finland and Iraq. The Iraqi ambassador to Finland, Matheel Dhayif Al-Sabti, told Migrant Tales in January that his country doesn’t accept asylum seekers who have been deported by force to Iraq.

We know from a number of cases reported by the Iraqi community through us that asylum seekers were deported against their will to Iraq from Finland.

There is a belief in the Iraqi refugee community that a person cannot be deported if he doesn’t have a passport. “Ali” is a case in point. When he refused to get off the plane in Baghdad, the Iraqi official told him that he’d be forced to leave the plane by force if needed.

Saif states that the police have his ID card but not his passport.

Migrant Tales will continue to report on this case as it develops.

* Except in very few exceptions, Migrant Tales does not publish the full name of refugees because they’re real identity could put them in harm’s way. 


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