Iraqi asylum seeker in Finland foils deportation attempt

by , under Beri Jamal, Enrique Tessieri

Haidar Isam of the #righttolife demonstration said that the deportation of an Iraqi asylum seeker was stopped today shortly before a Turkish Airline flight was set to leave Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. 

The asylum seeker, who came to Finland in autumn 2015 to search for refuge and a new life, created such a scene that the pilot and three ordered them off the plane.

Migrant Tales has published many stories about how asylum seekers and deportations. One of these is a video by that tells asylum seekers what to do inside an airplane if they are being deported

Isam was happy about the failed deportation attempt.

“Is this the humanity that Finland speaks of?” he said. “This is one case but the struggle to stop deportations continues.”

Two videos below taken of Haidar just before the plane was about to leave Finland.

One policeman states that “he’s just following orders” while the asylum seeker asks if this is justice?

“We came to Finland to seek shelter, and now you are sending us to our death,” he said, adding that he hoped the United Nations and other government could see what is happening.

See the second video of the foiled deportation here.