Iraqi asylum seeker family in Kemi is told that they will not get anymore help from the city after Monday

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An Iraqi family of two children aged 6 and 5, went to the Kemi social welfare office today to seek help since the family was forced to leave the hotel they were staying at today. According to the father of the family, the social worker told him angrily that he will not get any more assistance from the city after Monday.

The Iraqi family was granted room and board. They received 116 euros for food.

Asylum seekers (from left to right): the father, son, daughter, and wife.

Migrant Tales reported in an earlier story that the family would be forced to live in the street and penniless as of today. What we did not mention was that the Red Cross had directed the family to the social office of Kemi to seek help for the family.

Considering the fact that the family will be homeless and penniless as of next Monday, it was correct what we reported in the earlier story.

The family came to Finland in 2015 and had been staying at the Kemi asylum reception center but were told to leave after nine rejections for asylum.

While some municipalities assist undocumented asylum seekers for up to three months, the Iraqi family’s help in Kemi is for only 10 days.

“The social worker spoke to me angrily and told me that they would help us until Monday,” a friend of the asylum seeker who speaks Finnish, told Migrant Tales. “The social worker said that go back to your homeland, search for work or live with a friend, but we cannot help you anymore.”

Migrant Tales called the social worker, but she did not answer the phone. I contacted the Red Cross in Kemi but they would not give any information about the asylum seeker except to confirm that they had directed the family to the social welfare office in Kemi.

    • Migrant Tales

      What thoughts? A person has a right to try and there are independent studies that show the incompetence of the Finnish Immigration Service to the tee. Do I trust Migri? Unfortunately, I have a lot of question marks.

  1. intternetnetsi

    Nine rejections mean nine different reasons on nine different cases why they applied, what are probabilities on such amount of reasons?

    Or did they just fish for case.

    • intternetnetsi

      And i mean they could lodge all in one case, not invent new reason after each rejection.

    • Migrant Tales

      People are desperate and people come from desperate countries. They leave for many reasons. I would leave if a country threatened my life and stunted my future. Have empathy. Be kind to thos who are not as fortunate as us.

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