Iraqi asylum seeker detained in Tampere by the police on Friday was released today

by , under Enrique Tessieri

The nineteen-year-old asylum seeker from Iraq, who was detained by the police on Friday awaiting possible deportation was released today at about 1 pm, according to his representative. 

“I called the supreme administrative court this morning at 8 am about my friend’s case and if they could speed up the decision concerning his appeal,” said his representative. “He was released from custody at 1 pm today, and we believe that the supreme administrative court allegedly ruled in favor of his appeal.”

The representative said that even if the asylum seeker is happy about being released, he feels “exhausted” by the ordeal.

The asylum seeker’s cell at the Tampere police station.

The Iraqi asylum seeker, who converted to Christianity, had received three email death threats from Iraq while in detention.

“My friend [who was detained] wants to thank everyone who prayed for him and tried to help him while in police custody,” the representative said.