Iraqi asylum seeker allegedly attacked by four Finns at the Kontula shopping center of Eastern Helsinki

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Migrant Tales understands that a young Iraqi asylum seeker was allegedly attacked from behind by two men and two women at about 2am on Sunday at the Kontula shopping center of Eastern Helsinki. The young man, who was found unconscious by the police, was taken to a hospital but released later. 

“The asylum seeker was taken back to the hospital this [Monday] morning because we noticed that he couldn’t speak clearly, complained of pains in the head,” a source told Migrant Tales on condition of anonymity. “We called the ambulance and they took him to the hospital.”

Considering that it may take months for the police to investigate a hate crime, do they take what happened seriously considering that the asylum seeker may be deported to Iraq before his case comes up.



  1. PS voter

    What is the source for this? Has this been in any news?

    BTW, I hope that you noticed that two asylum seekers are suspected of robbing two Finnish men and killing one of them. I think it would be in all of our interest to mention this kind of very important crimes as well.

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