Iraqi asylum seeker: A near-deportation ordeal with the Finnish police

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A twenty-two-year-old Iraqi asylum seeker who was detained illegally by the police three days before he had to vacate the asylum reception center in Pori is now a free man again. Thanks to the efforts of the Lex Gaudius law firm, the district court overruled the detention of the asylum seeker at the Metsälä immigrant removal center in Helsinki, where he was held from April 27 to May 9.

“[After this ordeal] I still find it hard to believe that I’m free,” he told Migrant Tales by phone.

The asylum seeker’s detention began at the school in Pori where he was studying Finnish. The police visited the school to detain him but he went and hid from them. On returning, apparently the principal, called the police and the young man was detained.


Proof that the asylum seeker was illegally detained by the police three days before he was supposed to vacate the asylum reception center in Pori.

“I was taken by the police to Rauma and then to Turku, where I was locked up for two nights and three days before a judge decided that I could be deported [to Iraq] and send me either to Joutseno or Metsälä [immigration removal center],” he added.

The asylum seeker said that his first impression of Metsälä was “shocking” because there “are criminals and crazy people.”

“It’s the same place [Metsälä] where an Iraqi tried to hang himself when I was there,” he continued. “At Metsälä you cannot go outside and it’s like a prison. I shared a room with another Iraqi who was deported from Denmark back to Finland.”

An Iraqi asylum seeker at the Metsälä immigration removal center being taken away on a stretcher after attempting to take his life. Source: Facebook.

The Iraqi asylum seeker, who has now submitted a new application for asylum to the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri), said that he went back to school to learn Finnish upon returning to Pori. “All of my classmates where happy to see me,” he said.

He said that he came to Finland in search of a better life and to escape war.

“I will be killed if I return to Iraq,” he concluded. “I hope people in this country can feel in their heart our suffering and reread their history, when hundreds of thousands of refugees came to Finland [after World War 2].”



  1. intternetnetsi

    Thats not proof that anyone was “illegally detained” Thats just standard form where police asks court to continue detainment more than few initial days. You know they have to?

    • Migrant Tales

      He was “illegally detained” because it was done three days before the police could do that.

  2. intternetnetsi

    Police have right to detain person when its needed, nothing to do with where they live etc.

    There is no “im safe from detainment” if you live in refugee shelter.

    So it was not “illegal” and you lie again.

    • Migrant Tales

      Hannu, you should watch out when you accuse people of “lying.” That’s a strong work and totally out of context. A person cannot be detained for no reason. What was he suspected of? If the police acted legally, the district court wouldn’t have overturned their decision to detain the person.

    • Migrant Tales

      Do you still hang around Hommaforum and hang around Scripta? I’ve told you many times that those sites are bad for your brain and your soul. You only learn how to hate and justify one’s racism. Stay away from those places if you don’t want to become an anti-social extremist.

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