UPDATE: Iraqi apprehended by police will allegedly be deported to Iraq Tuesday

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January 17, 3:30 pm Migrant Tales understands that the Finnish police service deported this afternoon back to Iraq a 23-year-old asylum seeker who had two rejections for asylum, according to unconfirmed reports.

His friend said that the police had told him that the asylum seeker would be deported back to Iraq Tuesday afternoon.

The asylum seeker was staying at the reception center of Jämsä, located in central Finland.

The Iraqi asylum seeker who was allegedly deported back to Iraq Tuesday afternoon was staying at the reception center in Jämsä.


January 16, 5:45 pm The young Iraqi who was detained today is 23 years old and staying at the Jämsä reception center. He is allegedly being held at the police station in Tampere.

MK is 23 years old and had two rejections for asylum. He is allegedly being held at the Tampere police station.


January 16, 5:17 pm Migrant Tales has heard unconfirmed reports that an Iraqi asylum seeker who has got two rejections for asylum was detained today by the police in Tampere. There is speculation that he’ll be deported today to Iraq. The police have apprehended his phone and he has no way to get in touch with his friends and lawyer.

The actions of the police if true run against what Iraqi Ambassador to Finland Matheel Dhayif Al-Sabti and other Iraqi government officials have said that their country will not accept forced deportations.

We will report on the case as we get more information.

A snapshot of the Iraqi asylum seeker being taken away in Tampere.



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