Iraqi and Afghan demonstration protestors attacked in Helsinki by Finnish thugs

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It’s clear from the comments of far-right Suomi Ensin protestors and even of some Helsinki city councilors that they want the #righttolive demonstration that has been going on since February to end. Even so, far-right demonstrators are confident that the police and Finnish political establishment is on their side that they video and upload an attack against two demonstrators of the #righttolive camp. 

Writes Saku Timonen in his blog: “This [far-right] Suomi ensin group constantly stirs conflict and provokes [the #righttolife demonstrators]. They would like to fight and when they’re about to they use an illegal weapon [spray].”

One of the most disturbing matters about the incident is the police, who are nowhere around and allegedly dragged their feet to capture the perpetrator, one of which is

Imagine if the asylum seeker demonstrators would have acted in the same way as these thugs?

Guess who uploaded this video? Right, Marco de Wit of far-right Suomen Ensi (Finland First). They have tried everything to make the lives of the asylum seekers protesting peacefully as difficult as possible. Interior Minister Paula Risikko visited the Suomen Ensi camp in February and gave them a thumbs up.

Writes Helsingin Sanomat: “At the end of the incident, a little over 20-year-old man’s face was sprayed [by the Finnish perpetrators with a pepper spray]. After this happened, the victim went to the closest restaurant to wash his face but he was followed by the group that had sprayed him [in the face]. These [Finns] threatened the man for a short while in the restaurant, according to the police.”

The hate speech and provocations are real.

Migrant Tales published a video below on Wednesday and attracted over 6,200 views.

We take the opportunity to publish the comments made by some of our “fans” below. How does YouTube allow this type of hate speech to be published is another interesting question.

See comments and watch video here.

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