Insulting migrants is called “discussion” and a privilege of white Finns

by , under Enrique Tessieri


Remember when Center Party parliamentary group leader Juha Pylväs slammed asylum seekers as “parasites” that wanted to live off social welfare? Pretty sickening and lowly on his part.

I hope that Pylväs get charged with ethnic agitation.

But what is worse? The silence and support for what he said and the arguments that justify the latter?

Hanna-Leena Mattila is a Center Party politician from the city of Raahe in western Finland. She uses the same argument to call migrants parasites and deviants by stating that despite Pylväs’ words, “[We still]l have to be able to discuss [the problems of migration] without hesitation.”

Mattila’s Facebook post below:

Mattila states: “Juha Pylväs said what many people think: Our goodwill should not be abused. [His) use of words were not the best. Migration and its many forms have to be discussed without hesitation,”

How quaint and unimaginative are Mattila’s Tweet. What politicians like her say over and over again is that only white Finns can insult migrants.

The sometimes farcical “discussion” about migrants is similar if only men were speaking about women’s rights.

Another shameful fact of the ongoing debate that won’t be corrected any time soon as long as white Finns control the debate.

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