Institutional racism is a close “buddy” in perpetuating bigotry and other social ills

by , under Enrique Tessieri

I am always amazed at how those who don’t lift a finger to challenge racism in our society are the ones who latch on like parasites to different programs. Institutional racism is one culprit that allows them to appear like they are doing something but in fact, are doing very little.

At the best they are maintaining the status quo.

In my opinion, another reason why there is very little oversight on our own racism is because each one of us is “an expert” on our culture, or how our culture oppresses others.

We don’t question such toxic attitudes or care to question them because they are also close “buddies” of institutional racism.

A quote by Martin Luther King Jr. sheds light on this situation, which is widespread in countries like Finland as well.

You may ask how we have arrived at this situation.

The answer is simple: It is the system and it is supposed to work this way.

The legacy of racism is very clear.