In twenty years the Finnish Sports Gala still portrays an all-white image that remains stuck in an ethnic time warp

by , under Enrique Tessieri

How many visible minorities do you see in the picture below at the recent award committee of the Finnish Sports Gala? In the picture below lies the clear answer of the failure of integration sports policies in Finland for the last 20 years: All of the people in the picture are white! 

The ministry of education and culture instigated a program for greater cultural diversity in 1997 but twenty years later there is not one single minority or non-white Finn in the event below.

What makes the picture below amazing is that the organizing committee of the Finnish Sports Gala lacks sensitivity in even trying to have at least one visible minority in the picture below.
If there is a picture that shows obstinacy and denial of cultural and ethnic diversity in sports in Finland, it is without a doubt the one below.
Can you find one visible minority in the picture?

  1. intternetnetsi

    How many visible minorities are in SLU, Suomen Olympiakomitea, Nuori Suomi, Antidopingtoimikunta, Suomen Paralympiakomitea, Suomen Kuntoliikuntaliitto, Suomen Urheilumuseo ja Urheilutoimittajain liitto….

    Shoud they select someone outside just because of skin colour? Or force minorities to join? When you stop to being blatantly racist.

  2. Migrant Tales

    Hannu, I disagree. Racism isn’t only skin color but many other things like power and privilege. Just because you are white means that you have more privileges than one who is a black Finn. They should promote and encourage more visible minorities to participate and be part of society.

    • Migrant Tales

      By the way, you called me “blatantly racist.” Sorry, Hannu, I can’t be racist because I don’t have power and privilege like you.

  3. intternetnetsi

    power is part only in sociology when you watch larger groups. Visible minorities are about 0,5% – 1% and many of them are illiterate or atleast have limited finnish so how you think they can climb in very competitive positions in finnish society if you dont want to value people by skin colour? Valuing people by skin colour and not by what one does is blatant racism.