Immigrants and visible minorities will defend Finland’s Nordic welfare society

by , under Enrique

Putting aside the far right opinions of the Youth League of the National Coalition Party and others that want to change this country for good and for their personal benefit, who’s out there to defend our Nordic welfare state that took so long to build?

Two important groups that will certainly fight for our Nordic welfare state are immigrants and visible minorities.

Why would some immigrants and visible minorities want to defend our Nordic welfare state? Because they stand to lose the most if the president of the National Coalition Party’s youth league, Susanna Koski, got her way.

Koski surprised even members of her party Monday by proposing, among a long list of other things, that theOmbudsman for Minorities office should be scrapped together with the quota refugee program and ethnic agitation law.

A society that offers a no-holes-barred approach to dialoging with immigrants and visible minorities would not only fuel social inequality but strife as well.

The Perussuomalaiset (PS) is another party that is in the same ideological league as the Youth League of the National Coalition Party.

Why would anyone want to change our way of life and society if it has given us so much? The only answer I can come up with is plain greed, ignorance and outright intolerance.

But not to worry! The immigrants and their children, who form part of our society, will be one of the many defenders of our Nordic welfare society.