Iltalehti: Tutkijat: Rasistiset teot kumpuavat myös politiikasta

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CommentTabloid Iltalehti spoke to two researchers who believe that the present anti-immigration climate in Finland and the Perussuomalaiset (PS) victory on April 17 has lowered the bar for racist acts, according to sociologist Anna Rastas. “The general atmosphere is more permissive of this type (racist) behavior,” she said.

Researcher Teivo Teivanen believes that the election result made anti-immigration more acceptable.

Looking at the recent hate crimes reported by the media and on Migrant Tales, it’s not that difficult to figure out there is a connection between the rise of racism in Finland  all the way up to the election.

The election result has emboldened racists to come out of the closet.  Such people think it is now ok to go around harassing and attacking immigrants in public. 

The situation Finland is today one of the worst in its history for immigrants and minorities. 

Can the situation escalate further? Sure it can. 

Who is then responsible? The assailant of the hate crime or the politician that fill his head with hatred and  fuelled his racism?



Tutkijoiden mielestä poliittisen kentän uudet tuulet ovat vaikuttaneet ihmisten asenteisiin maahanmuuttajia kohtaan. STT:n haastattelemat rasismin ja politiikan tutkijat näkevät yhteyden, jota on eduskuntavaalien jälkeen spekuloitu kahvipöytäkeskusteluissa ympäri maan.

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    • Enrique

      Ollanta Humala es un PS peruano. El mismo nacionalismo que ves en Finlandia ahora lo ves en el Perú. Este hombre terminará haciendo mucho daño al Perú. Alan García también fue una decepción.