Iltalehti: Hakkarainen ei pyytele anteeksi rajuja puheitaan

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Comment: Perussuomaliset MP Teuvo Hakkarainen, who created quite a stir with his racist statements against immigrants and Muslims during his first day in parliament, now says he will not apologize for what he said. He told Iltalehti that he had no reason to apologize since he “was protecting Finns (from immigrants and refugees).”

“I don’t approve that foreign men come here in groups just to use our social welfare,” he said.

Hakkarainen has tried playing the innocent country boy who still calls blacks the n-word. Center Party secretary, Timo Laaninen, asked in Jyväskylä-based daily Keskisuomalainen how Hakkarainen could pin his racist statements to people living in the rural countryside? Some consider this explanation a slap in the face to all country people living in Finland.

“It would be pretty hard to think of a worse insult to people who were born in the country,” said Laaninen.

The PS MP is trying to play dumb but there aren’t many that are buying his story, especially immigrants, minorities and the ombudsman for minorities.


Tuore kansanedustaja Teuvo Hakkarainen (PS) jatkaa maahanmuuttajien ja homojen möyhentämistä puheenjohtaja Timo Soinin puhutteluista huolimatta.

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    • Enrique

      Niko, you have to look at the Perussuomalaiset as a mixed bag. All Finnish parties have their racists but none, I would suspect, have so many as the PS. It appears that we have for now four types in this dubious league: the Hakkarainens, serious Halla-ahos, serious little gray matter Halla-ahos and the ones that can hide it craftly.

  1. Niko

    I haven’t follow Halla-aho’s blog, but I have seen some of his interviews and he seems quite calm, smart person. At least he doesn’t seems like a racist, but more like an immigration critical person… or maybe he hides his racist views now that he is in politics. He would still be 100x better minister of immigration than Astrid Thors :S well, I guess anyone would be better than her…

    The true racist and Nazi party was mentioned in Yle today: National Socialist Workers’ Party. Let’s see if the formal registration passes… if it even passes the group will most likely vanish in a year or two.

    • Enrique

      –So which type of PS is Timo Soini then in your opinion Enrique?

      Here is a good saying that answers your question: “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.”

  2. Niko

    Hmm, you will most likely disagree, but I don’t think Halla-aho is a racist. I haven’t read his blogs, so my opinion is based on the interviews I have seen. In the interviews he seems very calm, smart and outspoken person… yes, he is immigration critical, but doesn’t oppose it fully. He still would be 100x better minister of immigration than, ugh, Astrid Thors… well, I guess anyone would be better than she is.

    But there is actually one real racist and Nazi party which was mentioned in YLE yesterday:
    However, I think they will never get enough support and most likely the party will just “vanish” in a year or two.

  3. Allan

    I suggest reading always the original source, in the original language if possible, instead of relying to the “chinese whispers” of media or other sources that usually are highly biased. The media in Finland is almost as bad as in Sweden trying to force public opinions.

    Hevent those nazis been around since the 70’s, there was a guy in Naantali that burned a bookprint who dressed in all the regalia?

  4. Allan

    JD – you mean the nazis? It was some fap- fap page they had. Nsfap? You need to do a google or look in hommaforum or murobbs they have the current links usually.

  5. Allan

    All the registered parties programmes since 1880. Makes an interesting read. Worth to check is the Greens original programmes from the 80’s