Ilta-Sanomat: Homot ja somalit Ahvenanmaalle asumaan

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Comment: Perussuomalaiset (PS) party MP Teuvo Hakkarainen has come up with another one of his ideas on how to improve ethnic and minority relations in Finland. He was now quoted as saying in tabloid Ilta-Sanomat that homosexuals, lesbians and Somalians should be relocated to the Åland Islands.

Hakkarainen is a good example of what goes on inside the heads of some PS MPs. Imagine if people like him, never mind the PS as a party, would get a chance to rule Finland. This country would be a very sad and dangerous place to live for some people.

It should be clear that the only reason why PS MP Hakkarainen continues to make these types of racist statements is because he has the silent approval of the party.

Hakkarainen tells us as well the PS is a ticking time bomb that will polarize our society in to two camps: us (PS and like-minded conservatives) and them.

They are a direct threat to our way of life and our values as a society.


Kansanedustajan Teuvo Hakkaraisen (ps.) Ilta-Sanomille antamat lausunnot herättivät tuoreeltaan vilkasta kommentointia lauantaina muun muassa netin keskustelupalstoilla. Ilta-Sanomien mukaan Hakkarainen ehdotti, että homot, lesbot ja somalit pitäisi laittaa Ahvenanmaalle keskenään asumaan.

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  1. Niko

    I think Hakkarainen is some sort of comic relief 😛 *sarcasm* I don’t still get why he is still in the PS party. I agree with Green Party’s Pekka Haavisto that it will be hard to take Hakkarainen seriously.

  2. justicedemon

    Now I get it! EVERYTHING they say is intended to be a joke. So all that stuff about immigration and ethnic relations and the European Union was simply meant to be funny.

    We can all have a good laugh and then move on to the serious business of government.

    • Enrique

      JusticeDemon, a very odd sense of humor that always makes fun of certain groups. And then you have some other odd fellows in the PS like James Hirvisalmi who got “offended” by people calling the party “Persut.” This guys are not funny but they are a bad joke!

  3. Niko

    – a very odd sense of humor that always makes fun of certain groups.

    Off topic/: Not trying to be nitpicky, but also some people might find South Park, American Dad, Family Guy and other similar cartoons offensive because they are making fun of stereotypes. Other people might laugh at them, even the stereotype is about them./off topic

    Of course, this doesn’t apply to politics and basically everything what Hakkarainen has said isn’t proper language for a PM and I think Soini should finally dismiss him from the party.

  4. Timo Ojanen

    I quite like Aland Islands so I wouldn’t actually mind moving there. Surely Hakkarainen is currently preparing nice seaside villas for all of us described?

    Another thing is what the Swedish-speaking residents would think of such an influx of non-Swedish speaking gays, lesbians, and Somalis. They would have a great exercise in coming to terms with mass immigration. And so would the straight sections of the Somali group have in tolerating Finnish ethnicity gays and lesbians, and vice versa. There is no excuse for Finnish ethnicity gays and lesbians to engage in racist discrimination, or for the Somalis to engage in homophobic discrimination – yet many do. Yet, as minorities we don’t have any less duty than the average “perussuomalainen” to tolerate our neighbors.

    Wonder if Hakkarainen took his flippant fantasy this far? Sometimes by making very stupid comments you can raise discussion about taboos that need airing.