Ilta-Sanomat billboard (lööppi) from February 5, 1997

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Migrant Tales publishes on and off Finnish tabloid ads* (lööppi in Finnish) from the 1990s. Taking into account that Finland’s immigrant population started to grow during that decade, it is easy at least through some of the main stories of tabloids like Ilta-Sanomat and Iltalehti to see how some of them reflected our xenophobic, prejudiced, racist or anti-Russian views.

This particular tabloid ad reads in bold letters: A Finnish man’s leg broken by Russians at a brothel in Kotka.

Anti-Russian views were common expressed on tabloid billboards. If it wasn’t the Russian mafia that kidnapped you or robbed you in Russia, Finnish men were in danger of getting their legs broken at houses of ill repute operated by Russians in their country.

*Migration Institute archive.

  1. Riiko

    And by the way. What xenophobich is in this lööppi? If the brothel was run by Russians and the leg was broken by Russians so why hide the fact? If Finnish people do something similary stupid in ANY given country in the world be sure the news will tell you its Finns who did something. This goes for any nationality.

    You probably would be satisfied fi the lööppi would be something like “miehen jalka katkaistiin bordellissa” Well that’s a catchy lööppi sure enough but it will sell more if it tells that it was Russians who did the leg-braking.

    Would you deny that Finns have nothing to be aware of in regard of Russians? Get Real Enrique!!!

    • Migrant Tales

      Hi Riiko, do you think anyone would write such a billboard today?

  2. Riiko

    Hi Enrique. I think that nowdays only few medias would write like that (7-päivää, Hymy and maybe Ilta-Sanomat and Iltalehti) It is because media and people think that it would be somehow bad to write like that, which it is not. The truth is never bad!