Ilatlehti: Miehet hakkasivat somaliperheen ovea sorkkaraudalla

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Comment: Here is another case of hostile racism by thugs against a Somalian family in Espoo. What is surprising is that the story was published today even if it happened in October 2010, according to tabloid Iltalehti.

What would you do if a bunch of racist ruffians started shouting and banging at your door with crowbars? Inside the apartment were four adults and two children. The youngest was six years old. 

These types of attacks are a grim reminder of the racism in Finland.  They are a permanent shame on our country’s good name.


Oluen voimalla iltaansa viettäneet espoolaiset nuoret miehet päättivät mennä naapuritaloon kiusaamaan talossa asuvaa maahanmuuttajaperhettä. Motiivi löytyi siitä, että yhdellä kyseisen somaliperheen nuorista miehistä oli ollut aiemmin pihalla riitaa samassa taloyhtiössä asuvan 24-vuotiaan suomalaismiehen kanssa.

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  1. JusticeDemon


    There’s nothing particularly surprising about the reporting delay. The story includes details of the associated criminal convictions arising from the episode.

    A careful reading indicates that there was no racist motive for the offence:

    Afrikkalaisten ovella alkoi rasistinen huutelu, jonka lomassa asunnon ovea hakattiin sorkkaraudalla ja mahdollisesti myös esimerkiksi heitettiin täysinäisellä oluttölkillä.

    The convictions were for aggravated disturbance of domestic peace and criminal damage. The report does not say that the offenders were also responsible for the unrelated racist bawling that just happened to occur at the same time, so this must have come from bystanders.

    As we all know, there is no racism in Finland, so these bystanders were obviously foreign tourists arguing among themselves over an entirely unrelated matter.

    • Enrique

      –The convictions were for aggravated disturbance of domestic peace and criminal damage. The report does not say that the offenders were also responsible for the unrelated racist bawling that just happened to occur at the same time, so this must have come from bystanders.

      Incredible, JusticeDemon. I don’t know what to say.

      By the way, I have not received any reply from Uusi Suomi on Hemmo Koskiniemi’s writing. One of the things that bothered me when I got in touch with them was that they stated that wirters were held accountable for what they wrote.

      I think ths JSN would be the next step.

      All this shows as with the Iltalehti article is how difficult it is to pin a racism charge on anyone. And it is most likely difficult because they don’t want you to make such charges in the first place. Maassa maan tavalla, I guess.

  2. Niko

    (Wow, this was probably the first time your text/tags didn’t mention True Finns while discussion about racism and violence toward foreigners.)

    Anyway, this kind of behaviour is not acceptable and it is quite sad if only the race was the motive for such an action.

  3. JusticeDemon


    Incredible, JusticeDemon. I don’t know what to say.

    Get with the programme! You have to say “there’s no racism in Finland”. Practice saying it in front of a mirror until you can keep a straight face. Then go on repeating it until you believe it.


    Send a copy of your letter to Markku Huusko and a copy for information to Niklas Herlin c/o Nikotiimi Oy. Wait a further two weeks and then focus your JSN complaint on the passivity of the owner of this media outlet.

    • Enrique

      JusticeDemon, you are right: There’s no racism in Finland, there’s no racism in Finland, there’s no racism in Finland…

  4. JusticeDemon


    If your life depended on guessing which political party the offenders support or voted for, then what would be your guess?


  5. Niko


    Do you really believe that all (racist) criminals voted for True Finns? So, there wasn’t any racist crimes before True Finns or they just didn’t vote in the elections?

    And no, I’m not a True Finn voter 😛

  6. JusticeDemon


    Was that an answer to my question? So far you have mentioned that party twice in this thread.

    To answer your question: all cats have four legs, my dog has four legs, therefore…

  7. Allan

    So in other words; some guys gets into a fight in the yard, the other partys friends show up, the losing side runs home to mommy and this is somehow “racism” and not chavs fighting in a ghetto neighbourhood?

    Somehow this defines the case: Sorkkarautaa heilutellut mies oli iskenyt vahingossa takanaan seissyttä kaveriaan päähän.

    As for voting the PS, I doubt these guys know which end to hold a pencil with.

  8. JusticeDemon


    Quite right!

    We only have the “victim’s” word for it that

    Afrikkalaisten ovella alkoi rasistinen huutelu

    , and you know what liars these Africans are.

    No racism here at all.

    By the way, what’s a chav and how do you decide that a neighbourhood is a ghetto?

    Funny that you should also connect these guys with PS. Only you and Niko have done that so far in this thread. I always thought that Espoo was a Kokoomus stronghold, so isn’t it statistically more likely that these guys were Young Conservatives?

  9. Allan

    You look at the picture in the Iltalehti and you can see the highly affluent neighbourhood. My point is the thugs would have gone behind anyones door, so the reason was not that they were after some random africans, but a definite person they had a beef with. Sociapathic behaviour and gang violence is the actual problem here, but you find the bigger problem in some name calling that is insignificant part of the attack.

  10. JusticeDemon


    I was agreeing with you. There is no racism in Finland. Even when the use or threat of extreme violence is accompanied by rasistinen huutelu, this is either merely name calling or the witnesses have misheard or misunderstood.

    You would make a good laamanni, Allan.

    A highly affluent neighbourhood? I always knew Kaivopuisto was a ghetto.

    Just out of interest, Allan, what additional elements do you think would have made this incident an example of a racist attack, as opposed to a mere beef?

  11. Allan

    Well, JD, if the thugs would refused to go hit the affrikkalainen’s door because they were africans – that would have been racial discrimination.


  12. JusticeDemon


    Weren’t they discriminating against the Finnish neighbours by not performing this important front door remodelling service for everyone on the estate?

  13. vincebel

    This is a sad example of racist behaviour, that happens all the time all over the world, done by stupid people. The quite same story happened on a viking lines boat two months ago and i guess on a weekly basis everywhere else.

    The main problem of this story is that the police/justice/government seems to always deny the racist behaviour of the offenders and always blame alcohol or stupidity. thats wrong.

    Racist behaviour should be punished.

    ps: i dont really know what happened this night but still even if racism was maybe not the first motive, there was still some racism involved