If you see racist abuse in public, film it and send it to Migrant Tales

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By Enrique Tessieri

It’s pretty clear that silence is an ineffective way to address a serious social ill like racism.  We can do a lot more. Filming  victims of racist abuse, like those published on Mail Online,  is a good way to drive home the message that we won’t tolerate this type of behavior from anyone.  

Migrant Tales would like to publish such video clips on our blog. The first and foremost matter to take into account is, however, your safety when filming. We don’t want to put you in harm’s way.


Here is some good advice that was given to me when I went to work in Bogotá as Colombia bureau chief for BridgeNews:  “No story is worth your life.”

Racism is a problem in Finland as it is in other European countries. Fortunately, there are many of us who are outraged by this type of anti-social behavior.

Don’t forget that there is far much more to the affirmation, racism isn’t an issue in our country, than meets the eye. When a person makes such a statement to you, he or she is saying you don’t effectively exist. If you don’t exist you have nothing to complain about.

It is a good way to make a social issue go away.

We, however, are not going to allow racism and bigotry get off the hook so easily. Send your video clips or get in touch with us by email,  [email protected]

    • Enrique

      Hannu, placing this video shows how little you know about what racism is. And it shows in your threads. The violence that the black man speaks of is wrong but everything else he says is pretty much logical. Blacks were made into slaves and colonialism screwed things up pretty badly in Africa.

      Racism is wrong but the racism of a minority and a majority is very different. The majority wields power (political, economic and social) while the minority doesn’t have such power. It’s an unequal fight. You are trying with this video to make white and black racism as the same thing. It’s not although both should be condemned. What you are stating is that white racism is ok because blacks are racists as well. Funny logic that gets an F (fail) on Migrant Tales.

  1. depressed n Worried immigrant

    I just today encountered racism in the supermarket. i were called nigger by an adult, imagine that. For some weird reason i get racism by older people not the young ones. im planning to buy camera phone so i can capture more of these racist incidents.

  2. depressed n Worried immigrant

    Hannu racism creates racism: This man obviously did not forget what happened to africa when europian went to africa and colonised. If your trying to hint that blacks can be racist you’re wrong my friend. The ones who’re in power can only be racist and whites are in power not black people. So stop posting some drunk disturbed bum trying to prove something illogical. Hannu we dont want these kind of incidents in our country we must tackle racism and you have to join us if we want to be a good society we’re your children and my children are save.

  3. Mark


    Now for balance, post something on racism against blacks. Unless of course that kind of racism doesn’t actually bother you.

    It’s already been said that racism is almost never equal – you have to look at the consequences. For institutional racism, the result is lost job opportunities, lost rights, and even unequal sentencing in criminal cases.

    • Enrique

      Mark, Hannu just moved the goalposts to suit his simplistic views or denial of racism.

  4. Jaakko

    Well, here is the infamous British woman in a tram, even I think this is posted before: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWEtzQglckQ

    But I have to disagree with most of the comments here. What happened that “all kind of racism should be judged, not just racism against minorities” idea?

    – The ones who’re in power can only be racist and whites are in power not black people.

    Are you kidding me? That is probably the stupidest thing I have heard in this blog. Racism exists in all groups, doesn’t matter if the person is white, black, poor or rich. You don’t believe that black people can’t hate white people just because of the colour of their skin? Any kind of racism should be condemned and racism towards white is not any less “acceptable” even if you are a minority.

    Enrique and Mark
    I probably don’t know enough Hannu’s writings, but at least this time he just uploaded a video of a racist attack. This time the racist assault’s victim was a white female. I was surprised that there wasn’t more judgement about the event itself, but more of an attack against Hannu. I have to admit that I’m disappointed in you guys.

  5. Mark


    Yep, some awful things said in this video by this drunk on the French tube, and I condemn his racism. Whatever the reasons for racism, it is not right and not a constructive response. This is hate speech, clearly. Thank God it’s only a drunk on a tube and not a national politician, eh!

    So, Hannu, why didn’t you come on here in the last weeks and condemn the case of weekly racism against Rebecka Holms on the underground in Helsinki?

    Why don’t we try to find the common ground here and condemn all kinds of racism, and then look at the problems behind it together, because that is the only way forward.

    Let’s look at the consequences of racism for the different people involved. Let’s look at racism by blacks against whites, and see what effects that has and let’s look at racism by whites against blacks and see what consequences that has had. Let’s do that, Hannu, because that is the sensible way to approach this. But it cannot be one way. It cannot be you demanding we acknowledge racism by blacks if you have absolutely no intention of discussing racism by whites. What would be the point of that, except to give people an excuse to carry on their own racism.

    Do you don’t want this kind of open conversation, Hannu?

  6. Mark


    You posted while I was writing my post. I hope my post brings the kind of balance you were looking for. There is almost no balance in this debate, but that’s because it’s generally speaking ‘not a debate’, but a propaganda war. But when you start to follow the rules of war yourself, you have already lost.

  7. Allan

    “If your trying to hint that blacks can be racist you’re wrong my friend. The ones who’re in power can only be racist and whites are in power not black people.”

    This only proves your experiences are not a proof of anything.

    “So stop posting some drunk disturbed bum trying to prove something illogical.”

    Exactly. Or are those drunken bums somehow “in power” over you?

  8. joku

    Another racist attack, this time in Britain, allegedly by an Asian group.


    All I have to say is that all violence, committed by anybody, is always bad.

    I am very curious to hear about immigrant experiences in Finland. However I often find the atmosphere in this blog really aggressive. Just like macho men from different backgrounds trying to get the upper hand, by any means.

    Please accept: everyone is wrong, everyone is right. There is no black and white.

  9. Mark


    The atmosphere here is often hostile among the commentators. However, I think you’ll find that on balance, those defending Migrant Tale’s freedom to write about racism in Finland have acknowledged many times that racism is not exclusively a ‘white man’s disease’. In contrast, those attacking Migrant Tales regularly deny ‘all racism’, insult entire immigrant groups by labelling them lazy, criminal, alcoholic, liars etc. Those kinds of accusations do not make for a cosy tea party.

    If you follow the blog, then you know that we already acknowledge racism by all groups. Also, you are right to point out it is a lot of ‘macho’ crap, because that’s exactly what a lot of racism is, masculinist propaganda, gang thinking, thuggery, and general glorification of the insensitive.

    I’m working class Joku, and sometimes, we do talk rough. I think that there is a distinct lack of ‘aggression’ in dealing with racists in Finland. Of course, it has to be channeled. Just calling people idiots for the sake of it doesn’t achieve anything. There is a rights framework in Finland that should protect individuals. But it’s fairly worthless if the majority don’t come out and condemn it.

    I noticed you said you condemn violence. Do you also condemn racism? Racism is not always overtly violent.

  10. Sirpa

    I’m not so sure about the objectivity of this idea of posting videos, they can be totally cut out of context. How do you know that the whole ‘incident’ was filmed, not just part of it? Maybe a person was taking a video of people in a heated argument but just showing one of them making racist comments? (Which one it is, depends on their point of view).
    Plus, at least where I live, I could get into big trouble of posting videos / photos of people who have not given their permission to publish them. I guess posting them to a blog is considered “publishing” since they can be accessed by everybody.
    Despite this concern, I agree that we should reveal racism and hate speech but we should also post and promote positive behaviour and examples! I’m sure we can find those, too!