If you loathe cultural diversity you most likely are suspicious of wolves and biodiversity

by , under Enrique

 A news story on Green Party’s Vihreä Lanka asks if the wolf population of Finland has fallen to under 120 from an estimated 120-135 by Game and Fisheries Research. How many and what threat do they pose to people is part of an ongoing debate in Finland that is very similar to how some Finns see cultural diversity and immigration. 

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News stories about killing wolves that are a threat to inhabitants are quite common in Finland.  Read whole story here.

The wolf is a protected species in the EU. Even so, poachers, like vigilanti mobs, are taking the law in their hands. One story  by YLE this month suggests that one wolf pack in South Savo was probably poached by hunters.

Should we be surprised that Perussuomalaiset (PS) MP Pentti Oinonen, who staunchly opposes gay rights, wants to wipe wolves off the biodiversity map in Finland? He said that there were some 30,000 wolves ready to ”migrate” to Finland from Russia.

Comparing wild and dangerous animals to immigrants is nothing new. On a thread on Facebook with TU tennis, Ulla Pyysalo compared immigrants to animals and plants. ”Yes, transplanting animals or plants in a new environment has always ended in failure,” she wrote last year on Facebook.

Pyysalo said that immigrants are like racoon dogs.  ”I heard just recently that hunters are encouraged to kill these raccoon dogs,” she writes. ”God dang it how racist and terrible [my comment is]. Eeek help! :D DDDD,”

Pyysalo is PS MP Juho Eerola’s aide who applied to join a neo-Nazi association.

Ever since the PS rose from political obscurity to become the third-largest party in parliament with 39 seats in 2011, the atmosphere for anything that strays from the perceived norm has worsened.

Any person who is against cultural diversity and gays like Oinonen must feel uncomfortable about biodiversity. Their prescription to the problem is biosameness like so-called monoculture (sic!) if we speak of society.

The adverse atmosphere against diversity and immigrants has sadly now targeted wolves.