If racism costs the US $16 trillion, how much has it cost Finland?

by , under Enrique Tessieri

The Islamophobic Perussuomalaiset (PS)* have been quick to point out how much migrants (all?!) are an economic burden to Finland. A new study by Citigroup claims that ethnic inequality and inequity have cost the US a staggering $16 trillion!

While parties like the PS and other ones who follow their racist tune believe that social exclusion and racism are cheap, they should think twice.

“Racial inequality has always had an outsized cost, one that was thought to be paid only by underrepresented groups,” said Citigroup Banking Chair Raymond McGuire in a statement. “What this report underscores is that this tariff is levied on us all.”

The high cost of racism is not only maintained institutionally but through outright lies. One of these is by the PS that talks about migration as one whole when they mean Muslims and people of color.

According to the Finnish Immigration Service, the vast majority (73.3%) of migrants came in 2019 for the following reasons: work (40.8%), family (21.5%), and as students (11%). Asylum seekers and refugees accounted for 7.8%. Source
e: Twitter (Maria Ohisalo)

If racism has cost the US trillions of dollars, how much do you think it has cost Finland?

Billions of euros, possibly?