If Finland is serious about stamping out racism…

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By Enrique Tessieri

If our society is a model of social justice for other countries to emulate, why would we tolerate discrimination and all types of racism? Which group are the biggest threat to our society: immigrants or anti-immigration groups?

Contrary to the far-right wing of the Perussuomalaiset (PS) party led by Jussi Halla-aho and his cronies, which claim that “multiculturalism” (a policy that permits Muslims and Africans from moving to this country) is one of the greatest threats to our society, I would claim that these types of groups pose the greatest threat to Finland.

Despite the spectacular rise of those that want to keep this country “white,” there are encouraging signs that we will not tolerate a society of hostile “us” against “enemy them.”

Even so, there are still out there too many groups, like the PS and others, who aim to create a society where immigrants do not have the same civil rights as the Finns.

It’s exactly these groups, and how they want to change our society, that is scary and what we should adamantly oppose.

Their picture of Finland is the following: Immigrants and minorities would be constantly under suspicion. Using the argument of “free speech,” these groups could say anything they wish and continue spreading outrageous urban myths. These myths would reinforce racism, prejudice and suspicion.

One will find these questionable views of Finnish society in the PS’ Nuiva manifesto.

The message coming from us should be clear: Finland is an open society for those who come here in good faith.  It is a successful and forward-looking society with a strong sense of social justice. These values are important if we want to stamp out racism, one of the biggest threats to Finland today.

Who we are as a nation must be always based on mutual acceptance, respect and equal opportunities for all.

  1. Marcelius

    Multiculturalism is an inevitability and populations will merge as time goes by. “pure race” thinking is nothing more but dangerous misconception, based upon eugenic ideology, “our blood is better than theirs and hence needs to be kept pure”, which was also a noble lie perpetrated by the elite of societies for many millennia, in order to keep their bloodline as high in the social ranks as possible.

    Finland should be, as you said, a forward-looking society with equal justice for all, but we are still lacking our full potential, just like any other country though. But we all have the capacity to understand, if we allow our self’s to look at the world and each other with open minds, that we are all humans, one people, that share one planet, one home. We must take care of that home, which we are entirely dependent upon and in order to do so, we need all of us the wake up to the harsh reality of natural causality – division will cause only more pain and suffering for all sides in any conflict, as long as “we” and “them” mentality persists and peace is not realized. We already have the means, but are too afraid, too uncertain to use them. Too uncertain to take the next step on societal evolution, towards more advanced civilization, not just technologically, but especially through evolution of our social mentality. As Bill Hicks put it; life is just a ride, and we can change it when ever we want to. It is only a choice, no effort, no work, no job, no savings of money; a choice, right now, between fear and love.

    Bill Hicks – It’s Just A Ride

    “You can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.”

    Socially it’s a matter of education (not only at institutional, but first and foremost on individual, self-learning level) and exactly the quality of our education, will determine greatly, which road we, as a society, will choose. Hence why free access to information for all is the most important aspect of our society, in order to induce change from within the individuals, to mirror in the society at large. We as human beings are not fixed personalities and it is only a matter of choice to change our way of thinking for the healthier – it does not mean you have to do exactly as you are said, that is what dogma does. Instead, free your self from dogma and prejudice, think healthy, do not just abide on a rule set – you are not a machine, use your mind and discover your potential. No one can do it for you.

    • Enrique

      Hi Marcelius and welcome to Migrant Tales! Very well said: “’pure race’ thinking is nothing more but dangerous misconception, based upon eugenic ideology…” This, as you mentioned, is one of the greatest myths of humankind. Most recently it was responsible for the death of tens of millions during WW2. The driver was “racial purity.” Thank you for sharing the link and being part of our community.

      We hope to hear more of your views!

  2. Hannu

    So how you explain 27% of “racist crimes” in study was done other than finns? And remember that they excluded your kind of allowed racism.
    Push your racial purity where sun doesnt shine, its strawman. Most who oppose current immigration dont care about race as long its not your kind of racial segregation. Race of course comes up when most of social shoppers who can come because of lenient laws arent white and only thing you can come up is RACISTS!!.
    Racial stuff comes again from YOUR demands that we should segregate people.

    • Enrique

      Hannu, you know as well as I do that you are exaggerating. All this “apartheid” stuff that you speak of is a bunch of baloney. Even if your opinions are way off the radar with mine on the topic, we still debate with you.

  3. Mark


    – “So how you explain 27% of “racist crimes” in study was done other than finns? And remember that they excluded your kind of allowed racism.”

    Making sense as usual Hannu, not! I imagine from that babble that you mean about a quarter of ‘race crimes’ were not committed by Finns. And from that we learn that racism is not something peculiar to a minority of Finns. Surprise surprise. Do you really need to have a response for that? Do you really think that anyone supporting Migrant Tales and its anti-racist stance thinks that only Finns can be racist? Tut, tut. And you talk of straw men.

    However, as you bring it up, how do you feel about the other 74% of race crimes? Care to comment on them, or are you going to dismiss them as racist in the same breath you are asking us to accept people other than Finns ARE racist (a fact I’m not arguing about, by the way, in case you missed that)?


    Nice, forward thinking views you have.