Violence and racism are always in the eye of the victim

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By Enrique Tessieri

Are the Perussuomalaiset (PS) a violent party? Despite a story that was published widely by the media last week, there were no conclusions made from an ongoing study that a part of the PS approves violence, according to think tank Demos. The British-based think tank will, however, publish the results of a wider study on online populism in Europe later this year.

“Demos understands that the source of the stories came from a private briefing during which no link between the Finns party (PS) and violence was made. Allegations about the research findings had not been verified or checked with Demos,” according to a statement by the think tank.

So what gives? Nothing, really, except for a storm in a tea-cup by the PS which are throwing punches at shadows about the conclusions of the Demos report, which were never made in the first place.

But when one reads the Nuiva manifesto and anti-immigration views of the likes of PS MP Jussi Halla-aho, James Hirvisaari and others, it’s not difficult to conclude that violence and hostility come in many shapes and forms in Timo Soini’s party. Those that perpetrate violence and racism are naturally the last ones to admit it.

A quote by Scottish psychiatrist R D Laing’s (1927-89) could apply well to the world of denial that the PS is presently immersed in:  “We are effectively destroying ourselves by violence masquerading as love.” In other words, some PS MPs attack the common decency of  people and masquerade this hatred as free speech.

That is how low some politicians have stooped in Finland lately.

Whether these groups spew racism or show their anti-democratic credentials  on social media sites such as Facebook, rarely is the victim’s opinion asked by the Finnish media although this happens occasionally. There is no better source to comment on a social ill like racism than the victim.

Why does the PS cry foul every time they stick their foot in their mouths or when they expose their odd sense of humor like branding journalists “bloodthirsty hyenas?”

Because their hostile statements and views on groups like immigrants is violent and rightfully questioned by the media and our sense of decency.

  1. JusticeDemon

    Well this takes us back to that famous posting from our resident Nazi on 7 August 2009 in the thread on Racial profiling in Finland (22 July 2009):

    Reality is that unless immigrants start assimilating, they will face situation where coercion becomes tool to be used. And if that fails, there WILL be violence.
    It is natural progress in such situation. First native population tries to make other cultural power yield peacefully, if that fails they use violence.
    Question is how soon immigrants wake up from the illusion they are fed by few reality distanced politicians and understand that their wellbeing and wellbeing of their offspring depends on their assimilation to society.
    Sooner it takes place, less unpleasant the situation becomes. Longer it takes, more likely the violence is to appear.

    Of course PS is a violent party.

  2. Enrique

    Hannu, these fishy conclusions you make about my person are funny. I don’t consider them offensive but sad. In your world, like that of Hommaforum’s, you think you can take any topc and dress it up to suit your far right political agenda. A very good analysis on fascism today are the Counter-Jihadist . Like racism it shows how the face of fascism has changed in the last 70-odd years. Moreover, and compared with you and your ideological buddies, I have lived in a dictatorship (Argentina) where people were systematically apprehended, tortured and killed. I was once thrown in a police cell for not having my ID documents. So when you accuse me of violence and of being a “communist, jihadist, antifas” you should take my history into account.

    Your accusations of my person show how Hommaforum works: It soils the good name of decent people like the proud term “immigrant” and “refugee.”

    On this blog we know your thinking and even if you don’t have a clear idea where it would take Finland, it’s been debated pretty thoroughly on Migrant Tales.

  3. JusticeDemon


    Hannu has been drinking again. You might as well set the system to delete his Saturday morning contributions for all that they are ever worth.