HS: Soini antoi tukensa hallituksen ulkomaalaispolitiikalle

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Comment: Timo Soini, the chairman of the True Finns party, appears to be backtracking on his party’s promise of a tougher stand on immigration policy by telling a group of  German journalists that he surprisingly supports the government’s present line.

Possibly the correct question that should be now asked of the chairman of the True Finns is what does he really think of those in his party that have been spreading xenophobia wholesale. Is his endorsement of government immigration policy a thumbs down to the far-right Suomen Sisu wing of  the True Finns?

One of the most worrying aspects of the True Finns’ message is that it had been based on a systematic smear campaign of immigrants, immigration policy and the integration program, which was ranked fourth in a Mipex survey after Sweden, Portugal and Canada.

One of the challenges that Soini will have to live with after April 17 is keeping his party in line. This will not be an easy task. Soini won’t get off the hook so easy because he will have to live with the unstable political monster he’s created. If anyone has read Saami mythology,  the Stallo monster is a good comparison of that True Finns monster.

Meanwhile, Helsingin Sanomat published on Tuesday a poll that showed that support for the True Finns had retreated by a hefty 1.5% to 16.9%. Kokoomus got 20.3% followed by the Social Democrats (18.0%) and the Center Party (17.9%).


Jaakko Hautamäki

Perussuomalaisten puheenjohtaja Timo Soini ei nähnyt mitään ongelmaa Suomen hallituksen ulkomaalaispolitiikassa, kun hän antoi haastattelun saksalaisille toimittajille Sanomatalossa tiistaina. Soini antoi täyden tukensa hallituksen ulkomaalaispolitiikalle ja puolittain suutahti, kun toimittajat kyselivät hänen mahdollisesta muukalaisvihamielisyydestään.

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  1. JusticeDemon

    Well, he had to say this before the election. Otherwise everyone would expect him to come up with concrete policy proposals to flesh out the xenophobic rhetoric.

    The solution is to give an interview to German journalists effectively disowning the fascist fringe just a few days before the election and after postal voting has already begun. With any luck, his party gets to keep the xenophobic vote without suffering the political opprobrium of a xenophobic bargaining position in the post-election horse trading.

    Smart move? Certainly. Dishonest? Absolutely.

  2. Toni

    Well, the other parties had to say they want immigration laws tighter. They say they wish laws becom even more tighter in next season. They just had to say it TODAY even they said totally opposite last year… and in last month.

  3. Toni

    JD: Kokoomus & Keskusta today (14.4.2011):

    Kokoomuksen ja keskustan mielestä Suomen täytyy seuraavalla vaalikaudella muuttaa ulkomaalaislain säännöksiä perheenyhdistämisistä. Puolueiden mielestä se jäi tällä vaalikaudella tekemättä, vaikka aihetta olisi ollut.

    One “big” member of Vihreät and his immigration policy – the Canada way:

    Do you need transaltion?

    Also KD party (Kristillisdemokraatit) tells we could take only those who will blend in, like christians but not islams. I will find the link tomorrow if you need it…